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Disrupting the Friction between Advertisers and Publishers – Mitgo

In this week’s special episode, Lee-Ann is joined by Mitgo USA’s managing director, Evan Johnson. With years of critical thinking, building relationships and improving processes behind him, Evan has a lot to say about affiliate marketing from the perspective of a global company.

Listen in as Lee-Ann and Evan discuss how a global company approaches affiliate marketing, and how they maintain these relationships with affiliates and publishers.

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Using local expertise to expand globally

Smaller brands looking to expand might be interested in the business plan that Mitgo seemed to have stumbled into, as it seems like a good way to promote growth.

Evan said: “I’ll definitely say that our presence and especially our local presence and expertise in a lot of those developing markets is, uh, a really strong competitive advantage we have. … Our strategies will lead in with these global brands and use those brands to gather a pool of publishers and then use those publish and to grow more local brands that we attract. That’s how we entered in India, in Brazil, and the Middle East.”

Evan goes into more detail on the podcast, but it seems to promote the tried-and-true concept of using what you know and delivering it in new markets.

Education at the heart of everything

Everyone needs to learn. Even in the affiliate marketing industry. It’s built on people who simply picked up a phone and started making content, but the business aspect of the job might be a little lost on them to begin with. Therefore, education is definitely at the forefront of Evan’s priorities when it comes to relationships.

“I’d say education is one thing to really focus on. Whether it’s partners or brands on how the channel works, what are all the intricacies? Not just to how to work with your platform, but like how does CPA work in general?”

“When you only have a hammer…”

Going further with his stance on education, Evan stresses that it is the place of the affiliate network to help educate partners and publishers.

Lee-Ann said: “There was a stat that I actually read the other day, it was something like 58% of people don’t actually utilize their tech a hundred per cent. So they’ve got a piece of technology that they’re using, but they’re not actually utilizing the full potential of.”

“And that’s pretty scary when you think about how much it costs to run affiliate programs … So I think there’s a time and a place to be working with the big networks, and the smaller regional networks, but there needs to be a clear strategy that goes along with that.”

Evan helpfully replied: “When you only have a hammer, everything looks like a nail. But one of the advantages of working with an affiliate network is that they can present you with a whole toolbox and teach you, you know, how to use the wrench, how to use the pliers and stuff, and that can really help you.”

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Listen to find out more about:

  • Evan’s history with Mitgo
  • How Instant Payout Pro came to be
  • The importance of service when it comes to partners

Key segments of this podcast and where you can tune into go direct

[10:00] – What a global company can learn from local regions

[20:00] – The importance of close communication with publishers

[30:00] – A controversial opinion on the future of the marketplace?

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