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Instagram rolls out post scheduling

Instagram is set to make in-app post scheduling available to all professional accounts, after running tests with the feature over the past few weeks.

Brands and creators will now be able to schedule regular posts, carousels, and Reels up to a maximum of 75 days in advance, to be posted on a specific day and at a specific time.

While users have been able to schedule Instagram posts using the Creator Studio platform for some time, this news will work to streamline the process by bringing everything in-app, while adding the ability to schedule Reels.

Reels can be scheduled by opening the advanced settings tab and selecting the ‘schedule this post option’, where a date and time can then be chosen.

Instagram launched Reels in what many interpreted as an attempt to emulate the success of video sharing platform TikTok. Research has indicated that Reels are now generating the most reach on the platform, so it would appear to have been a shrewd move by Instagram.

Testing of the post scheduling feature took place over the past few weeks, with the official launch beginning today. The feature is only for professional accounts at the moment, with no details on a planned rollout for personal accounts as of yet.

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