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ICE London to showcase leading female eSports stars

With the Lionesses’ domination still fresh in the minds of fans, and the Rugby female team currently grabbing headlines, it makes sense that eSports fans want to get in on the girl power. So, the gaming industry con ICE London has put together an event that will feature the best of the best women in esports, including the all-women team of the Shesports Cup competing at the event.

Shesports Cup co-founder George Woffenden said: “We are delighted to be invited to be part of the ICE London exhibition in February and play in front of such an international audience of industry decision-makers. ICE London will be our fifth live broadcast and it’s all geared up to be a really exciting few days of competition.”

“Co-founder Rachel Stringer had been working in FIFA esports for a number of years and from very early on was aware of the lack of women so decided to do something positive by creating a women’s-only esports series. The aim remains to inspire more female players but also create opportunities for women working in production, photography, and social media by bringing tournaments to the world.

“Women looking to get into esports need to be given a pathway which means having tournaments to participate in and regular interaction with others in order to progress.”

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