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iGB Affiliate London | 5 Minutes With FuturePlay

iGB Affiliate London returns to (you guessed it!) London, next month. From the 6-9 February the iGaming event will take place in London ExCel and feature great minds from all over the iGaming industry sharing their insights in panels, talks, and one-to-one discussions. More than 6,000 attendees are expected and over 200 exhibitors, including your chance to meet our very own Affiverse founder Lee-Ann Johnstone and #SELFIEWITHLEE on stand A30

About iGB Affiliate London

iGB Affiliate London connects affiliates , operators , tech vendors and agencies in a live environment. The Affiverse team is delighted to be attending in 2024 and we’re taking a few of our key agency clients along with us!

One of them in the spotlight is recently launched FuturePlay. We asked David Shaw, Head of Acquisition at FuturePlay to give us five minutes of his time to answer a few questions so we can showcase more about their affiliate program ahead of this key event. 

Quick Q&A with David Shaw (Head of Acquisition) at FuturePlay

Q. How does your affiliate program differentiate itself from others in the market? 

A. Most programs deduct their operational costs and then an admin fee, whereas we simply deduct a 25% admin fee, leaving much more in the affiliate’s pocket. Our program is transparent and fair and we’re looking to build long term partnerships with affiliates that can drive quality traffic. Backed by an award winning team and an experienced veteran founder we’re building a program that affiliates can trust! 

Q. Can you outline any upcoming developments or changes in your affiliate program that affiliates can anticipate or benefit from?

A. We’re introducing a new form of sports betting, called Machina Sports and our aim is to own this domain. With a strong social media presence, delivering captivating content, we will create brand awareness globally that ultimately, benefit our affiliate partners backed by quality service and supportive affiliate team. When these are combined, content, service and support you’ve got a winning formula for success. We’re looking forward to invite new partners into the program as we promote our offering at the next iGaming in person event. 

Q. What measures does your casino take to ensure compliance with regulations and ethical practices within the affiliate marketing sphere?

A. We don’t operate in grey markets. We abide by the conditions of our agreement with SoftSwiss. We apply 18+ and GambleAware principles in all markets and ensure our promotions meet the compliance and regulatory rulings that our brand operates under. We have ethical and fair terms for our players and affiliates alike. 

Q. What innovative tools or technologies does your casino provide to affiliates to assist them in their promotional activities and campaign management?

A. We run all our promotional activities on the SoftSwiss platform, which is robust, trusted and very player friendly. Players experience a seamless transition from seeing the offer to making a deposit and enjoying the offer. Campaigns can be automated months in advance and configured according to player tier, leaving time for our  marketing and customer retention teams to focus on engaging and retaining players personably and directly. This is great for affiliates as customer life time values are naturally increased. 

Q. What was your greatest lesson from 2023 and how are you implementing the learnings from this in 2024?

A. Avoid a December launch. It’s the shortest work month in the year 🙂 (LOL).  We officially launched our casino in late December at a time when everyone was getting ready for the holidays. In hindsight this gave us some space to perfect our player flows and testing without impacting affiliates in situ. We invested in our marketing plan and spent all through the seasonal period which helped establish the brand within the targeted player communities and we’ve seen great results. We are happy, however,  with our brand and the work we have done to get it live. FuturePlay is not just another casino. We have a solid two-year marketing and product enhancement roadmap already in place, which we are executing on every day. You are looking at the future of crypto gambling and the home of Machina Sports Betting.

Q. Why did you decide to join in with Affiverse to  attend iGB Affiliate London this year?

A. Affiverse is the go-to affiliate agency for brands looking to grow their affiliate database and their overall internet presence. Affiverse has the experience to help any brand achieve realistic new depositing customer numbers and grow overall player value from the get go. With years of experience behind them, Affiverse is a team you can trust your affiliate program to. We’re excited to be part of their community and grow our affiliate program with their supportive team.  

About FuturePlay

Established in 2023, FuturePlay is at the forefront of merging sports, gaming, and digital innovation. The company is dedicated to creating a dynamic platform for the next generation of gamers and sports enthusiasts.

Click here to join the FuturePlay affiliate program and begin earning today – with an attractive 35% commission.

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