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FuturePlay Crypto Casino | Embark on a New iGaming Journey

Affiverse is excited to end 2023 with the announcement of a creative collaboration with FuturePlay and their new partner program. It’s been another year of triumph for the Affiverse Agency team, who are delighted to be working with FuturePlay and the launch of their affiliate program.

Reshaping the Landscape of Online Gaming

Established earlier this year, FuturePlay’s aim is to bridge the gap to the future of sports, iGaming and entertainment. With a library of more than 3,000 games, the imminent launch is set to revolutionise the realms of iGaming and sports entertainment.

A spokesperson for FuturePlay explains, “At FuturePlay, we envision a world where the thrill of Sports and iGaming converges with the pioneering spirit of the digital age. We are spearheading a transformative wave, fostering a community where enthusiasts can not only place bets using cryptocurrency, but will also witness the birth of a new exhilarating sporting category.”

Boldly Pushing Boundaries

FuturePlay stands at the forefront of innovation, boldly pushing boundaries to create a realm where the worlds of sports and iGaming seamlessly converge in the pioneering spirit of the digital age. Committed to fostering a vibrant community, FuturePlay goes beyond conventional online casinos, offering enthusiasts the opportunity to not only place bets using cryptocurrency but also witness the emergence of an exhilarating new sporting category: ‘Machina Sports.’ 

Through the platform, they aim to propel this innovative sports experience into the mainstream, embodying a commitment to cutting-edge technology and the future of digital entertainment.

The Destination for Machina Sports

Appealing to tech-savvy Millennials and Bridge Millennials, FuturePlay will be the destination for Machina Sports. This demographic values innovation and embraces the exploration of the future of sports and gaming.This is the go-to contemporary, trustworthy, and engaging platform for those seeking excitement in betting. They desire a platform that goes beyond mere betting, providing both entertainment and educational elements.

Elevating its innovation, FuturePlay partners with Lexie Janson, the world’s sole female Electric Flying Car Racing Pilot and a professional FPV drone pilot. A collaboration to highlight FuturePlay’s commitment to diversity and cutting-edge sports categories.

What Do Partners Receive?

By signing up at FuturePlay Partners, the affiliates will be placed on a tiered net revenue-sharing plan, starting at a generous 35%RS which will increase with the affiliate’s performance. The program promises no negative carryover and a lifetime commission.

Affiverse Agency Director, Leanna Klyne, comments, ““We’re thrilled to embark on this journey of launching the FuturePlay partner program. Empowering partners to share the excitement of a premier gaming experience, while fostering mutually rewarding relationships, is at the heart of what drives our enthusiasm.”

About FuturePlay

Established in 2023, FuturePlay is at the forefront of merging sports, gaming, and digital innovation. The company is dedicated to creating a dynamic platform for the next generation of gamers and sports enthusiasts.

Click here to join the FuturePlay affiliate program and begin earning 35% commission.


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