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iGB Affiliate London | 5 Minutes With Bombastic Partners

The Affiverse team are delighted to be heading to iGB Affiliate London in February. A hub of activity will take place from 6-9 February at London ExCel, where some 6,000+ attendees are expected to mingle with more than 200 exhibitors. Are you attending the event, this year? If so, don’t miss your chance to book a meeting with us and make sure you track down our very own Affiverse founder Lee-Ann Johnstone and #SELFIEWITHLEE on stand A30.

Meet Bombastic Partners

This year, Bombastic Partners, one of our key agency clients, will be joining us at the event. We sat down with  Katy Stafford, Head of Affiliates at Bombastic Partners, to ask a few questions.

Below, Katy takes the time to share further information about their affiliate program and explains, “Joining Affiverse at iGB 2024 is a testament to our commitment to excellence in affiliate marketing. Their unparalleled expertise and valuable insights will empower our affiliates to elevate their promotional activities, attract more players, and maximise their earnings. Together, we are poised to revolutionise the industry and create an explosive gaming experience for players worldwide.”

Quick Q&A with Katy Stafford (Head of Affiliates) at Bombastic Partners

Q. How does your affiliate program differentiate itself from others in the market?

A. Our affiliate program at Bombastic Partners distinguishes itself through various key elements. Firstly, we set ourselves apart by being a crypto-first casino, taking the lead in emphasising cryptocurrency and transforming payment methods. This appeals to tech-savvy players seeking cutting-edge gaming experiences. We provide a diverse range of commission models, empowering our partners to unlock unprecedented profits through our affiliate program and premier online casino. At Bombastic, affiliates can benefit from leading commissions and a lifetime revenue share of up to 40% from the players they refer. Moreover, we prioritise maximising player value, ensuring that the players brought in by our affiliates engage in longer and more frequent gameplay. This commitment results in higher earnings and sustained success, establishing our affiliates as esteemed, long-term partners of Bombastic.

Q. Can you outline any upcoming developments or changes in your affiliate program that affiliates can anticipate or benefit from?

A.  At Bombastic Partners, we are dedicated to constant evolution and ensuring an optimal experience for our affiliates. We are actively working on introducing cutting-edge marketing tools, resources, and real-time data insights to empower our partners. These innovative tools and technologies aim to assist affiliates in optimising their promotional strategies and effectively managing their campaigns to enhance earnings. We encourage our affiliates to stay engaged with us for the latest updates and developments in our program.

Q. What measures does your casino take to ensure compliance with regulations and ethical practices within the affiliate marketing sphere?

A.  Bombastic is dedicated to upholding compliance with regulations and ethical standards in the iGaming sphere, placing a strong emphasis on ensuring a safe and responsible gaming environment. Several measures are in place to achieve this goal. Firstly, stringent age verification procedures are implemented to confirm that players are of legal age. We empower players by allowing them to set their own deposit, bet and game play limits, fostering responsible gaming habits. Moreover, a self-exclusion option is available for individuals who choose to take a temporary break from gaming.

In addition to these player-centric measures, Bombastic actively promotes responsible gaming through the provision of resources and information on the subject. This includes educational content on responsible gaming practices and access to support services for players who may require assistance. By incorporating these measures, Bombastic strives to not only comply with industry regulations but also to uphold the highest ethical standards in gambling, ensuring a secure and ethical gaming environment for all players involved.

Q. What innovative tools or technologies does your casino provide to affiliates to assist them in their promotional activities and campaign management?

A. At Bombastic Partners, we pride ourselves on offering affiliates a suite of innovative tools and technologies to elevate their promotional activities and streamline campaign management. Our affiliate partners benefit from advanced marketing analytics tools that provide near real-time data insights and postback tracking. Thus enabling them to make informed decisions and optimise their promotional strategies for maximum effectiveness. Additionally, we provide customisable tracking links and robust reporting features to enhance transparency and allow affiliates to monitor the performance of their campaigns.

To further empower our affiliates, we offer creative assets such as banners, landing pages, and promotional materials, all designed with the latest industry trends and player preferences in mind. These assets are readily accessible within our affiliate portal, simplifying the promotional process.

Moreover, we understand the importance of mobile marketing, and our affiliates have access to mobile-friendly tools and technologies to tap into the growing market of players who prefer gaming on mobile devices.

Overall, our commitment to providing cutting-edge tools and technologies reflects our dedication to the success of our affiliates, ensuring they have the resources needed to thrive in the dynamic landscape of online casino affiliate marketing.

Q. What was your greatest lesson from 2023 and how are you implementing the learnings from this in 2024?

A. In reflecting on 2023, a crucial lesson emerged — the importance of adaptability in the dynamic and ever-changing landscape of the iGaming industry. Recognising the industry’s fluid and occasionally chaotic nature, the Bombastic team, comprised of seasoned industry veterans, remains steadfast in its commitment to disrupt the space.

Our approach centres on embracing change and utilising cutting-edge technologies, such as AI personalisation and data-driven decision-making. By staying attuned to industry trends, we are not merely content with past achievements but rather driven to proactively shape the future. The goal is clear: to construct a truly Bombastic gaming experience for our customers. In 2024, we continue to implement these learnings, emphasising agility, innovation, and a forward-thinking mindset as we navigate the evolving landscape of the iGaming realm.

About Bombastic Partners

Introducing Bombastic, the crypto-first gaming platform designed for thrill-seeking gamers. Bombastic takes pride in delivering a unique and unforgettable gaming experience.

Click here to join the Bombastic Partners affiliate program and begin earning up to 40% commission.

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