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BetMax Entertain | Reimagining the iGaming Landscape With Bombastic Partners

Affiverse is delighted to announce a brand new collaboration with BetMax Entertain. The award-winning Affiverse Agency team is excited to be working with BetMax Entertain to launch their affiliate program, Bombastic Partners

Pushing the Boundaries of the Casino Sector 

BetMax Entertain is driven by a bold vision to revolutionise the iGaming landscape. Their seasoned marketing team boasts a wealth of experience, having spearheaded many transformative ventures within the iGaming industry.

The overarching goal is to push the boundaries of the online Casino sector by introducing inclusive iGaming brands like Bombastic that leverage cutting-edge technology and payment solutions with a definitive and edgy brand position.  A fundamental principle of BetMax Entertain is the adoption of decentralised payment methods, ensuring accessibility for all, worldwide.

Taking Centre Stage – Bombastic Partners

At the forefront of their endeavors stands Bombastic Partners. This is a crypto casino affiliate program offering partners unbeatable entertainment and endless possibilities for players of all levels. Bombastic Partners champions a “casino first / crypto first” approach. It seamlessly integrates superior user experiences, robust brand assets, and gratifying gameplay, catering to players of all statures.

What do Partners get?

Earn up to 40% commission with a brand that invests into branding, has the highest product standard and focuses on player loyalty. 

5 Key Principles of Bombastic Partners:

  1. AI-Powered Personalisation: Using advanced AI to tailor user experiences and gameplay, ensuring each interaction is uniquely tailored.
  2. User-Centric Experiences: Speed, convenience, and entertainment are paramount. From seamless deposits and withdrawals to swift site navigation and responsive customer service.
  3. Rewarding Gameplay: Every player interaction is designed to be rewarding. The cutting-edge loyalty program incentivises every wager, complemented by weekly and daily races, and bonus drops. This makes Bombastic Partners a truly rewarding platform.
  4. Transparency and Trust: They believe in full transparency – what you see is precisely what you get. This ethos permeates the rules, terms, customer support, and marketing campaigns.
  5. Brand Investment: Drawing on their extensive expertise in brand marketing, they recognise the pivotal role it plays in today’s gaming landscape and have developed a unique design and concept for attracting and retaining players from the very beginning.

To Infinity and Beyond

BetMax are not just reimagining iGaming. 

They are reshaping it, from the ground up. This is the time for dynamic transformation. The core values of the Bombastic Partners brand are to pioneer the future of online gaming by consistently pushing the boundaries of innovation, offering the most engaging and immersive gaming experiences, and fostering a vibrant community of crypto-savvy players worldwide.

Katherine Stafford, Head of Affiliates says, “We’ve been working with Affiverse to build a solid infrastructure for partners to enjoy this launch experience, and are looking forward to bringing our collaboration to life this week at launch! Their team have fast tracked everything from the integration to the set up and launch phase, and have been a pleasure to work with thus far”.

In their own words, the Bombastic Partner values are summarised as:

  1. Innovation: We are dedicated to embracing cutting-edge technologies and ideas to revolutionise the online gaming experience and lead the industry in adopting new trends. 
  2. Player Experience: We prioritise creating immersive and engaging gaming experiences, ensuring our platform caters to diverse tastes and preferences while maintaining high-quality standards. 
  3. Crypto-centricity: We recognise the value and potential of cryptocurrencies, and strive to seamlessly integrate them into our platform, making it easy and convenient for our users to transact and play.
  4. Community: We are committed to fostering a vibrant and inclusive community of players, who share a passion for gaming and cryptocurrency, by creating an environment that encourages collaboration, learning, and enjoyment.
  5. Integrity: We operate with transparency and maintain the highest ethical standards, ensuring fair play, security, and compliance with regulatory requirements.


Leanna Klyne, Agency Director at Affiverse, says  “We are beyond thrilled to welcome BetMax Entertain to the Affiverse Agency to help support the launch of the Bombastic Affiliate Program. We are excited to embark on the launch journey with them and bring onboard new partnerships that support their brand values. Our agency team has ensured their affiliate program is checked in and ready to rocket!

Click here to join the Bombastic Partners affiliate program and begin earning up to 40% commission.

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