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iGaming affiliate management – 5 tips for 2021

2021 will bring its own set of challenges and trials that affiliates will need to overcome. There are so many changes that could be brought about in the coming year, and so you need to make sure that you have all the resources you need for the most productive iGaming affiliate management possible. Here are some of the areas that you should focus on the most.

Marketing automation

With new tools and platforms constantly emerging on the market, iGaming affiliates should be on the lookout for ones that can help to automate sales and affiliate recruitment. This allows for managers to then focus on other areas that might need their attention more. While recruitment used to be done at various events throughout the year, this has now changed thanks to the online migration of such events.

Customer culture

Having built a high-quality program and attracted customers to it, iGaming affiliate managers now have to focus on creating a good customer culture to keep them engaged. This concept has really taken leaps and bounds this year, but it is something that will need to be expanded upon and nourished in 2021. By creating a brand that consumers want to engage with, iGaming affiliate programs will be able to expand and flourish further.


2021 is going to bring a lot of changes across various iGaming markets. Many regulators are conducting inquiries and reviews, and planning on making changes to their current laws that could have a knock-on effect for affiliate managers. As a result, it is imperative that iGaming affiliate managers are keeping up with and are aware of any changes in compliance that they will have to make for their international markets. The faster they can make these alterations, the better.

Value, not volume

Across many sectors, we are seeing a shift in consumer preference towards value over volume. Customers want to engage with programs and products that add value to their lives in some way. Therefore, this offers affiliate managers the perfect opportunity to consider the value of their current networks. It might prove better to be more selective in partners chosen, to help bring up the quality of a program overall.

Remote and flexible working

Whether an iGaming affiliate manager has a whole team under them or whether they are used to working on their own, they need to become more used to working remotely and flexibly. Whereas we once would have been able to jump on a flight to go and correct an issue or have a meeting, our lives are now structured around a digital workspace. Within that comes a need to set and meet goals, and to check in with clients and customers to ensure that these goals are being met.

These are five key areas that iGaming affiliate managers should be focusing on for new levels of success in 2021. If a brand is able to hit these key points, they should be in a great position to deal with any problems that the market may throw at them. Start improving your own program now so you can reap the most benefit possible when 2021 rolls around.

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