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How iGaming Affiliates can Help Brands

Affiliate marketing is an extremely popular and effective way to market any brand, and this is no different for the iGaming industry. There has been a recent rise in the number of iGaming affiliates, and they can be so beneficial for the promotion of online casino operators. iGaming affiliates are able to make use of a widespread, engaging audience to promote iGaming companies for a small commission. They can help players by pointing them in the direction of the most trustworthy and reputable brands, and can improve brand awareness as well as increase sales.

What are Affiliates?

Affiliates are people with an online following, usually an influencer or content creator of some sort, who works with brands to help to promote a service or product. Affiliate partners are usually given an affiliate link to promote which will lead consumers to a company’s website or landing page. The reason influencers are often used in marketing is because they have grown a large, widespread and often very loyal following. Influencers use content creation across social media platforms to grow a large audience in a niche and connect with them on what feels to be an almost personal level. This continued sharing of content and communication with their audience allows influencers to create a loyal following, making them an ideal candidate for use in marketing campaigns. Affiliates are able to promote a brand, product or service to their fans and their audiences are increasingly likely to interact and engage with this promotional content compared to a regular paid advert. 

Affiliate marketers are usually paid on a pay-per-action basis, meaning that for each successful conversion – whether the agreed term is a sale, a new subscriber to the company or even simply getting consumers to sign up for marketing emails – the affiliate is paid a small percentage of the profits or a commission. This form of payment encourages the affiliate partners to work hard to promote the brand, as each time they successfully make a sale they are increasing the profits they themselves make too. This style of payment is also beneficial for the brand itself, as the marketing budget is only being spent on successful conversions, meaning no money is being wasted on marketing strategies that don’t play out. 

Affiliates in iGaming

But how can all this work in the iGaming industry? iGaming affiliates are often influencers who are already players on iGaming websites, and will often be people who have grown a following through a blog, review site or youtube channel that offers fellow players advice on which sites to use, companies to check out and ‘tips and tricks’ for succeeding at iGaming. These people are prime contenders to be great marketing partners, as their expert knowledge of the industry, as well as their position as someone with experience in navigating the industry, means that any promotions they do with companies are likely to be trusted by their audiences. The audiences of iGaming affiliates are also likely to be significantly more engaged with promotional content than other audiences due to their existing interest in the topic and the fact that by following the iGaming affiliate they have already interacted with iGaming on some level.

As well as using iGaming affiliates who are already established within the iGaming community, there are benefits to making use of affiliate partners from other niches too. If the aim of your marketing campaign is to grow your audience and improve your brand awareness, then partnering with affiliates from other market segments would help your brand connect with audiences that you may not otherwise have the means to reach.

How iGaming Affiliates can Help iGaming Companies

So what are the benefits of using iGaming affiliates? Aside from the ability to grow your audience and increase sales, iGaming affiliates can help you to promote your brand’s safer gaming policies and direct consumers towards those brands within the iGaming industry that are focused on the safety and protection of their players. This means ensuring that the brands are showing consistent compliance with online gambling restrictions in every country that they are offering their services, as well as promoting the security and safer gambling procedures that iGaming companies have in place for their customers.

If you are an iGaming company looking for new and more effective ways to market your brand, affiliate partners may just be the right thing for you. iGaming affiliates are an incredibly valuable resource for companies who are looking to expand their market reach or increase the sales and conversions they are receiving from their marketing campaigns. iGaming affiliates can also be a great opportunity for brands to advertise their safer gambling policies and show their players all of the different ways that they are committed to helping them and protecting their data and their money.

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