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iGaming affiliate, Leadstar Media launches betting site comparison website stateside

“We Make Sports Betting Seamless” is the motto of Leadstar Media and that’s exactly what they aim to do for US players with the launch of their flagship product in the states. This is the company behind My Betting Sites US, a recently-launched betting site comparison service, which is hailed to become the latest in a long line of success stories for the Swedish iGaming affiliate.

Since 2018, Leadstar Media has embarked on a journey of unbridled expansion which has seen them enter into and launch, betting advice and comparison products in over thirty countries around the world, to date.

MyBettingSites.com has been one of their flagship products aimed at targeting players who are looking for sports betting site comparison services. Initially launched as a product focusing on the UK market, MyBettingSites is now available to players across the English-speaking world.

Specifically tailored sub-geos guide players, new and experienced, to help navigate an often confusing and multi-layered betting landscape. Players in Australia, Canada, Ghana, India, Ireland, Kenya, New Zealand, Nigeria and South Africa can all enjoy bespoke advice from experts who know the ins and outs of online betting in their country.

Players in the US have the ability to find the perfect sports betting sites for their needs. But exactly how is this done? We talked to the principal architect and lead brain behind the launch of the new US site Patrick Corkery who offered us more insight:

“As a US native, I felt it was important to bring value and expertise into the market with our new product. A lot of established competitors in the US do offer products targeting betting sites comparison but with a lot of fluff, and sometimes without maximising the value of the content to players’ needs.”

“With MyBettingSites US we wanted to continue to honour the tradition established in our other geos, whilst also harnessing our expertise, experience and knowledge – to dig deeper. We think this will give players real value that you just can’t find anywhere else. Ultimately, it’s about consistently providing the right advice and options to satisfy everyone who lands on our site.”

MyBettingSites US aims to provide a number of different avenues to guide US players to the best betting sites available for them. Tailored lists and pages, which highlight the respective qualities and features of a betting site, are just some of those avenues.

If you’re a player looking for a variety of legal options in your state this is another pathway you can choose. If you’re searching for a great betting site for the NFL or you enjoy a punt on a promo, then they’ve also got you covered there.

Trustworthiness and a user-friendly platform are two factors that have been instrumental in the success of MyBettingSites.com, which will spill over into the US, ensures Patrick Corkery. “We’ve trial-tested it, and worked hard to create a platform that is fresh-faced and easy to navigate”.

The philosophy of Leadstar Media has long been “transparency”, with the company only working with legal online bookmakers. The Swedish affiliate currently holds a number of state-issued licences which allows them to legally operate in the US.

What does the future hold for MyBettingSites US? Patrick explains: “We’re currently expanding a lot of our statewide content to give a full overview for Americans who are looking for legal options where they live. As users land on the page, we have a greater option to assess the data and see what works to keep improving our product in line with user expectations. That’s really what this game is all about!”

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