IBIA joins BOS amid new gambling restrictions in Sweden

IBIA (International Betting Integrity Association) has partnered with the gambling trade association BOS (Branschföreningen för Onlinespel). They will work together to ensure the Swedish gambling industry remains safe, following on from “counterproductive” regulations being introduced in the country.

Regulations could pave the way for illegal operators

IBIA and BOS fear that the new restrictions could do more harm than good, giving rise to the illegal market in Sweden. As such, the groups have joined arms to create more effective solutions, helping to protect players and maintain the integrity of the gambling industry.

“IBIA members have faced a number of regulatory challenges in Sweden since its opening and the betting product restrictions set to be introduced at the start of 2021 will add further burdens, notably relative to unregulated offshore operators,” said Khalid Ali, the chief executive of IBIA.

“We believe that those restrictions will prove counterproductive and we hope that the Swedish authorities will take an evidence-based approach and continually reassess their position on this matter. In the meantime, we will work with our colleagues at BOS to do all we can to keep that market safe.”

Keeping the gambling industry free from corruption

Gustaf Hoffstedt, the chief executive of BOS, also sounded off on the topic. “A clean sport, free from corruption, is of utmost importance for the gambling industry in Sweden.”

“The gambling industry is a victim when matches are fixed, and it is therefore crucial to not only work hard, but to work together, against manipulation in sports.”

He continued: “We are very pleased that we now deepen our collaboration with IBIA in our joint goal; that sports betting shall be fun, safe, transparent and honest.”

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