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Aspire Global will boost responsible marketing with Rightlander

Aspire Global has committed to a focus on responsible marketing by partnering with This partnership will allow this company to stay on top of affiliate management and compliance. With Rightlander’s technology, Aspire Global can push ahead with its goal of promoting responsible consumer behaviour.

Rightlander’s technology

Rightlander will be providing Aspire Global with its marketing scanning tools that are very comprehensive. The tools can follow every link and scan tens of millions of pages every single month.

This will allow this company to stay on top of any non-compliant content, outdated offers and harmful vocabulary. Amongst these tools is a PPC monitor that can identify any ads that might prove to be harmful to the brand.

This partnership comes at a time where regulatory changes in the key markets are increasing the need for more focus on compliance. With this partnership, Aspire Global can ensure its message is consistent.

A perfect partnership

Aspire Global regularly communicates with partners and helps them to support marketing activities. This latest partnership will prove to be extremely valuable for both parties.

Sustainability Manager at Aspire Global, Liesbeth Oost said: “We believe that the future lies with those companies that can generate long-term profit from a business that promotes sustainable user behaviour throughout all parts of the business. Responsible marketing together with responsible gambling is at the core of providing that safe user experience. Therefore, we are continuously looking for ways to optimise the use of technology in our operations, such as through Rightlander’s tools, which contribute to a sustainable and safer gambling future.”

This partnership is set to provide a safer gaming environment for players while also allowing affiliates to market the brand in line with regulations. We expect to see others follow suit to match regulatory demands.

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