Google Bard for affiliate marketing

How to Use Google Bard for Affiliate Marketing

Artificial intelligence (AI) is one of the most exciting topics in the tech world today. As an affiliate manager, it’s crucial that you take full advantage of the latest tech and management tools, as these can offer you some incredible benefits to save time and money running your affiliate program efficiently.

Google Bard is Google’s AI-powered chatbot. It uses machine learning and language processing techniques to provide detailed, accurate responses to user prompts. We’ve written up a few tips for using Google Bard in affiliate marketing and are sharing some of the tips we’ve learned below:

  1. Drafting Good Copy

Being a good writer is a prerequisite for being a successful affiliate marketer especially if you’re working in SEO and Content + Social Media Marketing to drive traffic to products and offers. While video and audio content are important too, it’s vital that you have a solid grasp of the written word so that you can communicate effectively with your customers and detail benefits , features and USP’s. However, even the best writers make mistakes sometimes. Unfortunately, spelling or grammatical errors can reflect badly on your affiliate brand and can make consumers perceive your business as unreliable or even untrustworthy, resulting in poor conversion and a loss on potential commission from sales.

One of the best uses of Google Bard for affiliate marketing is for drafting copy. This could be for email campaigns, product descriptions or social media posts. You can tell Bard what you want to say, and it will respond with well-constructed and grammatically sound copy. You can even instruct the chatbot to adjust for things like tone of voice to better suit your brand style. Always remember to double-check anything Google Bard writes before you publish it. Whilst it can craft up good copy it can never capture human emotion, opinion and should always be fact checked prior to publication. While mistakes are relatively rare, that’s no excuse for not performing due diligence to ensure that everything is correct before you hit publish.

2. Industry Research

Research is an integral part of affiliate marketing. This could be investigating the history of different brands and businesses, researching products, or collecting information on geo-specific markets. Research can be a laborious process for affiliates at the start of marketing a product or service they’ve never used themselves. Research can eat up a lot of  an affiliate’s work allocated time. However, by harnessing the power of Google Bard, you can reduce this time significantly and make the process far more efficient. Google Bard trawls the entire internet for information and can deliver responses and detailed reports on just about any subject in a matter of seconds. From there affiliates can use the data to quantify their content angles, and create content that fits with data supplied to answer questions from customers more effectively and quickly, thus helping with their own relevance scores for SEO.

It’s important to note that Bard differs from rival tool ChatGPT. Bard only looks for the most recent information, while ChatGPT is limited to data from before September 2021. What this means is that Bard is far more suited for research purposes and will deliver more up to date information to start working from.

3. Strategy and Analysis and independent campaign reviews

Coming up with new marketing strategies and campaign ideas can be tough if you’re looking to grow your audience and convert more sales. You run the risk of getting stuck in a rut, and it can be easy to do the same things over and over again as you can get sight blind to creating innovative new ideas for customers to engage with if you have to do it repetitively. This is where we’d encourage you to think of Google Bard as a brain-storming tool.

You can tell the chatbot what you want to achieve, and it will give you some ideas for how to meet your targets. These ideas can then be used as a foundation upon which you can build fully-fledged campaigns.

Finally, Google Bard can be integrated with your own Google Analytics. This is a powerful partnership that makes it easier than ever to collate and analyse data. You can ask Bard to compile reports across a range of metrics and analyse specific datasets to gain a better understanding of campaign performance.


Google Bard and other AI-powered tools are changing the face of the digital marketing industry. Use this guide to learn how to use Google Bard for affiliate marketing and maximise the performance of your business. If you want to learn more about AI follow on to read our previous article about the best AI tools for affiliate marketers.

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