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How to make your affiliate recruitment page more visible online

Driving traffic on your recruitment page and converting visitors into affiliates is a task that all affiliate managers need to face. An affiliate recruitment page needs to be as visible as possible in order to be able to drive this traffic.

However, this is not as easy a task as it might initially seem. Just ensuring that you have a separate affiliate form for recruitment and sign-ups often is not enough. You need to ensure that the page is visible, and that you are putting the work in so new people can find it.

Here are some of the steps you should take to ensure that your affiliate recruitment page is as visible as possible to those who might be interested in this part of your brand.

Link the page on your website

The first step you should take is to ensure that the page itself is very visible on your website. This does not mean that it has to be front and centre and linked through a pop-up as soon as a visitor arrives, but it does mean that you will have to do some clever linking to ensure that a potential sign-up can find their way to you.

Make sure that the link to your sign-up form is available in both the navigation menu – whether this is hidden in a tab or at the top of your page – and add another to your footer too. This is an easy way to ensure that links to your affiliate recruitment page appear on every other page on your site. Even if a visitor is not on your site for the express reason of signing up to your affiliate program, there is a chance that they could see a link to your sign-up form and decide to check it out.

Target the right keywords

Search engine optimisation, or SEO, is an incredibly powerful tool that will allow you to boost the profile of your affiliate recruitment page and your program as a whole. With the right work, you should be able to help your affiliate program appear to those who are searching for one to join, even if they have not searched for yours precisely.

One way to do so is by targeting the right keywords. These are short phrases that are used as part of a search, and you want them to appear in the copy of your recruitment page and wider site so search engines such as Google match potential affiliates with your program more effectively.

So, how do you know which keywords to choose? Trying to target something like “affiliate program” is not going to be your best bet. It is far too general a term. There are simply too many competitor programs and far too many niches other there for you to be able to gain any sort of traction by targeting this keyword over others.

Search for some keywords that you can target within your niche, such as those that are being used by your competitors. These could prove to be far more beneficial for you to target, and some active work on other parts of your SEO will soon have your pages become that bit more visible, and that bit more likely to be discovered by someone new.

Share online

If you have an audience on social media, make sure that you share your program with them and include a link to your affiliate recruitment page as part of the post. There could even be the chance for you to explain to them what an affiliate is and does. If someone happens on your posts while looking for this explanation, they could then potentially be convinced to sign up to your program.

You could also consider setting up a referral system for the affiliates already in the program. They will get rewarded for those they send to your affiliate recruitment page while you get to cast your net a little wider and appeal to audiences that stretch beyond yours.

If you want to make your affiliate recruitment page more visible, your audience needs to know it is there in the first place. Make sure you are indeed advertising it where you can and give them reasons as to why they might want to visit it.

Make your affiliate recruitment page more visible today

Those who want to make their affiliate recruitment pages more visible online need to ensure that their pages are easy to find, and well-advertised. Though signposting towards them might seem a little too on the nose, it can have some surprising results.

If you would like some advice on the best practices you can use to make your affiliate recruitment pages more visible, get in touch with our agency today! We can help you to grow organic interest in your program whole making your sign-ups more visible than ever before!

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