Instagram developing feature to convert Stories to Reels

Instagram is developing a new feature titled Montage which will allow app users to convert Stories to Reels.

How does it work?

The feature is currently being tested internally but developers and researchers behind the app have shared a series of screenshots that explain how Montage will operate upon launch.

By launching Montage, your Stories frames will be displayed in sequence. You will then be able to curate a video that contains elements of each individual frame. Instagram will also recommend audio to complement and sync to the final Reel you have created.

Capitalising on a growing trend

With a growing number of social media users diverting their attention to video-based social media platforms such as TikTok and YouTube, Instagram is looking to command a greater share of the market.

The news comes after the app experimented with blocking users from re-sharing posts from their feed in an attempt to promote more organic content. This move, however, was not received well with users of the app successfully convincing Instagram to overturn their decision within a matter of days.

By staying up to date with current social media trends, Instagram is determined to maximise one of its most successful and profitable features yet. It also hopes to encourage non-users to jump on board and get involved by leading the switch from image-based content to video-based content.

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