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Highlights from Elevate 2023: How Brands Can ELEVATE Their Program Performance 

This week on the Affiliate Marketing Podcast, we’re giving you another opportunity to listen in to one of our engaging Affiverse Elevate Summit panels, from back in July. We wanted to give you a look into our Publisher Perspectives. On this panel, we welcomed Sri Sharma, from Increasingly, George Greaves from Cheddar, Frances Mac Aonghus from SkimLinks, and Ben Helyar from NetRev to come along and discuss their perspectives on where the future of affiliate marketing is heading.

Listen in here for all of the insights:

The importance of connecting the right customers to the right brands

Lee-Ann talks about how coming out of the recession has been a much discussed  topic. However, it has been shown that the affiliate marketing industry has risen and made it through because it is constantly innovating and using technology, together with data, to remain focused on customer personalisation and matching.

At Elevate, Lee-Ann asked Sri about his publisher perspective on this and he explained, “I think the channel benefits because of our commercial model, right? So CPA, it makes it more attractive in this kind of climate. You’ve seen businesses grow in recessionary climates in the affiliate space and you see the affiliate channel grow in this kind of market. So, I think that’s a real positive.”

Sri goes on to explain the importance of connection. “It’s my job as an onsite technology to actually, through the features we have of personalisation, to try and connect the right customer to the right product. Then what you can have is a scenario where you’re actually meeting a customer’s needs, and when you’re meeting a customer’s needs, you get a better conversion rate.”

With innovation comes a wide range of technology tools

These tools all serve a purpose since they provide an immense amount of data. However, it becomes difficult to decipher and put to good use if the knowledge of what to do is not present.

The panel discussed some of the trends and innovations that are happening. Francis said, “It’s quite interesting because a lot of the conversations that we have are obviously publisher based, right? We talk publisher, it’s mainly editorial rather than anything else. Innovation is always the word that they come out with. I think what’s interesting is I still find that there are a lot of very basic challenges that publishers are actually facing. As we all know, in the industry, data has always been talked about for decades. There still hasn’t been a one single point solution, which can combine publisher first party data with other assets of third party. When we talk to some of the big brands, these are the real challenges they’re facing.”

What are the key innovations that you have seen work?

George explained, “So we did some pretty cool stuff  with the spending data. A travel booking app where essentially no can see what we can see, and where customers or users are spending directly with the brands. They book through them. So they’re targeting them and we can be a bit more specific with what they typically book at this time of the year.

Let’s preempt that. Let’s get in and let’s do a boost in notifications. Book in the next three weeks in order to take that spend to you as well. So there’s a lot of really, really cool stuff. And I think all the innovations in data and targeting is leading to quite an incredible environment.”

Listen to find out more about:

  • The issue of discounting
  • Key takeaways from the panellists

Key segments of this podcast and where you can tune in to go direct:

[11:00] – The role of the affiliate marketer

[18:00] – Innovations that have yielded results in the publisher space

[27:00] – Takeaways and advice from our panellists on Publisher Perspectives

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