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Highlights and Insights from this Season’s Guests

We’ve got a something special for you on this week’s episode of the Affiliate Marketing Podcast. Affiverse Founder Lee-Ann Johnstone will be taking a look back at some of the fantastic guests we’ve had on the podcast over the past season and has presented a selection of highlights for you to enjoy.

Listen in here for all of the insights:

The Impact of AI

In the first episode of season 14, Lee-Ann was joined by Head of Partner Marketing at Alec Biedrzycki to discuss the impact artificial intelligence (AI) is having on the affiliate marketing industry.

AI has been one of the most revolutionary tech developments in modern times. As Alec explains, Jasper is a generative AI tool that can be used to create compelling, effective content. Designed with marketing teams in mind, Jasper is a valuable asset that can optimise processes and improve results.

Lee-Ann went on to ask Alec how he thinks AI is going to disrupt the industry. In response, Alec outlines how AI is making it easier than ever to produce and publish content. However, he points out that this can result in a lot of low-quality content that lacks a human touch.

To prevent this from happening, Alec explains that content created with AI still needs to be reviewed and tweaked to make it unique. In doing so, content creators and marketing teams will ensure their content stands out in an increasingly crowded digital landscape.

The Launch of APMA  

The next highlight looks back to the second episode of Season 14, which featured Founder and Director of the newly launched Affiliate Performance Marketing Association (APMA) Kevin Edwards.

Kevin begins by discussing how the newly formed governing body will look to benefit affiliate industry professionals, and how they worked to identify key targets by communicating with and listening to industry figures.

Kevin also explains that a primary focus for the APMA will likely be to consolidate training materials to make them more easily accessible and speaks of a desire for officially recognised accreditations within the affiliate sector.

Advice for Future Leaders

In season 14, episode three of the Affiliate Marketing Podcast, Lee-Ann was joined by Naomi Barton, Portfolio Director for Clarion Gaming, the company behind the global iGB Affiliate Events. Naomi has some unique insights and valuable advice for future industry leaders, and she was kind enough to share some of her thoughts on the podcast.

First and foremost, Naomi speaks to young affiliate managers, particularly women, rising through the ranks. One of the key pieces of advice Naomi gives is to never be afraid to ask questions. Knowledge is power, and you never stop learning, so always look to expand your knowledge and learn from those more experienced than yourself.

Lee-Ann agrees, speaking to women in the industry: “You already have a seat at the table… There’s nothing that you need to prove to anybody and there’s nothing that you need to do other than continue your own personal development and learning.”

Listen to find out more about:

  • Building relationships and the power of data
  • Brand-to-brand partnerships
  • How to apply strategies to affiliate marketing


Key segments of this podcast and where you can tune in to go direct:

[05:47] How AI is disrupting the industry

[18:30] Why communication and authenticity are so vital for affiliate program success

[28:00] The path from idea conceptualisation to implementation

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