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Exness Affiliates: Creating a Successful Affiliate Program in Just Three Years

Q1: Exness Affiliates has managed to become one of the most talked about programs in the industry in just three years. How did you manage that?

Since Exness Affiliates launched in 2019, the foundational values of scientific methods and ethics have driven our operations. These are the core beliefs that define the standards reflected on every Exness product.

This commitment to scientific, state-of-the-art product development manifested itself in the Exness Affiliate program with our innovative features. One of the key factors that sets us apart is our commitment to offering the highest and quickest payouts in the market. For example, we offer almost $2000 for the CPA model, which is significantly higher than our competitors.

In addition, we introduced daily payouts for the CPA in 2022, the first time any affiliate program had done so. This allows our partners to receive their commissions within just one day of their request, which is a game changer for many affiliates.

We are also constantly expanding our geographic coverage, currently covering 85+ countries from 5 regions and continuing to update it. This enables our affiliates to tap into new markets and increase traffic volumes.

Beyond our science-driven approach, Exness Affiliates focuses heavily on relationships. Leveraging the Exness ethical approach of doing business, our team prioritizes building and maintaining relationships founded on trust and respect. We go the extra mile to ensure that our partners can get industry-leading customer service and support.

In a mere three years, Exness Affiliates has unwaveringly attained unprecedented growth in the brokerage industry. Thanks to its unrivalled commitment to delivering top-notch products and value, our partners enjoy high payouts, innovative features like daily payouts, and trust built strong relationships. We will continue prioritizing these values as we strive to grow and improve our program.

Q2: You talk about Exness’ science-driven approach and its ethics. How do these values cascade into the Exness Affiliate program and why is it important?

The science-driven and ethical approaches are the bedrock of our identity as a broker. Our reputation for quality and integrity stands as the foundation of our broker identity, so it’s only natural that these same values are extended to our Affiliates program. As a leading broker, we have an obligation to unhold the high standards our clients know us for. The high level of integrity and quality we operate by are integral to not only our success but also to who we are.

Technology and data science are an instrumental part of ensuring the quality of our product and service. This unwavering focus is imprinted into the Exness Affiliates program which led to our rapid growth and our 4 Affiliate awards to date.

Q3: Could you elaborate on the significance of developing trusting relationships with affiliate partners?

Fostering trust is crucial to any relationship, be it personal or business-related. At Exness, building strong relationships is the foundation of our entire business philosophy. We believe in conducting business with integrity and respect, and these values are also reflected in the Exness Affiliate Program.

We recognize that establishing a high level of trust is key to any successful partnership. To this end, we offer our affiliates high-converting content and more than 3,000 promo materials that are regularly updated. We also provide valuable insights on how to leverage Exness’ unique services and features enabling them to launch successful campaigns and achieve growth.

We also understand that every partner is unique with different objectives and strategies. To help them reach their goals, we offer them personalized support and assistance – they can set meetings with our team to review their performance and receive guidance on how to reach their desired growth.

Meeting and exceeding our partners’ expectations is at the core of everything we do. This approach does not only benefit our partners but also our clients who currently exceed 3,500 active affiliates as well as 500,000 active traders.

Q4: What is the future of Affiliate Marketing and what are Exness Affiliates’ next steps in this space?

Affiliate marketing has emerged as a key component of business success and revenue for a number of industries and companies. Looking into the future, affiliate marketing is poised to become increasingly important and even dominate newer sectors such as fintech. Here is why.

Firstly, fintech vertical offers typically have higher payouts compared to other categories. This makes it a lucrative niche for affiliates looking to earn more commission. Secondly, there are customized models available for affiliates to choose from, enabling them to find the best fit for their specific audience and marketing strategy. Finally, the finance vertical offers a diverse clientele we can attract, from retail traders to institutional investors, providing affiliates with a wide range of target options.

At Exness Affiliates, we recognize the potential of the finance vertical and are taking steps to capitalize on this trend. By expanding our offerings, focusing on key markets, improving technology, and strengthening relationships with our affiliates, we can only expect to continue our successful trajectory.

Q5: What upcoming conferences and expos does your team plan to attend where affiliates can meet and learn more about your program?

Our Exness Affiliates team has a busy schedule of events planned for 2023, where we will showcase our program and provide opportunities for affiliates to meet, learn more about our high-paying offer, and enjoy 1-2-1 meetings with a personal manager to scale campaigns.

Some of the events we plan to attend include:

  • Affiliate World Europe in Barcelona, Spain, 2-13 July
  • Affiliate Grand Slam Asia in Manila, The Philippines, 19-22 July
  • Affiliate Grand Slam Balkans/CIS in Limassol, Cyprus, 4-7 September
  • Affiliate World Asia in Bangkok, Thailand, 7-8 December

We look forward to connecting with existing and potential affiliate partners at these events and sharing insights on increasing your revenue in the fintech niche and the benefits of joining Exness Affiliates.

In addition to our regular attendance at industry events throughout the year, we are excited to announce that we are planning a special event for our valued affiliates. The upcoming CPA Meetup in Vietnam is an exclusive offline networking event designed for local affiliate marketers in the rapidly-growing Asian market. This event promises to be an excellent opportunity for our affiliate partners to connect with industry experts, participate in workshops on affiliate marketing trends and develop new business strategies in real time.

We organize these events and invest our efforts to increase awareness about Exness Affiliates among potential partners. I am confident that our affiliate program is poised for great things, and we will continue innovating and improving to make it the best program possible.

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