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Affiverse catches up with Scott Collins, Head of Communications and Corporate Responsibility at Raketech, to find out how the affiliate network is aiming to penetrate the world of esports with its new platform.
Affiverse: Can you begin by introducing and explain what it brings to the esports space.
Scott Collins: is a separate member of Raketech’s popular TV sports guides family, which includes,,, and The common objective for the guides is to deliver a simple schedule for finding ways to watch their favourite sports and now also esports.
Esportsguide emerged from the basic and important principle of being simple to use. The platform incorporates easy and seamless navigation for all, whether you’re a seasoned esports fan or a newbie. is geo-targeted to provide users with an accurate timetable, regardless of their location in the world. With that said, this is only the first step for a global product that has a lot more to offer when it comes to guiding the users to both watch and understand esports.
AI: What differences are there between esports audiences and igaming audiences?
SC: The age of the respective audiences is definitely the biggest difference. Sport is an ancient form of recreation that appeals to all ages, where esports is a brand new form of entertainment, a technological phenomenon that attracts a younger audience.
Sports teams have huge followings and loyalties, where esports is more about playing the games you like and watching streams. Esports has a long way to come in terms of supporting teams, players and rivalries.
There are more casual sports fans out there that might watch the odd game or only a club team they support, where esports fans are all-in. The esports audience is typically “closer” to the game, meaning that they play the game they watch, have a deeper knowledge of what they watch and learn from the professionals. Of course, sports fans have great knowledge and understanding of their favourite competitions and teams too, but you could argue they are less likely to be as involved in the sports they watch, and they won’t be able to imitate the professionals.
AI: What can affiliate companies like Raketech gain from esports? Do you think these firms will infiltrate the esports industry anytime soon?
SC: Raketech wants to be at the forefront when it comes to guiding users through sports, and as esports is growing massively year on year, there is no question we want to be in this space. Esports betting is a developing industry and we can transfer our iGaming expertise into esports. Raketech has strong partnerships with the biggest operators in this area so can offer users excellent content, mixed with the best odds and latest promotions. We are also in the lead when it comes to responsible affiliate marketing and responsible gambling, which is even more important when working within an industry that appeals to a younger audience.
AI: Looking to the future, what are your projections for
SC: Our projections are that esports and esports betting will continue to grow, recording remarkable figures every year. The growing audience will not only concern hardcore video gamers who begin watching esports but will also attract more mainstream group who wouldn’t consider themselves gamers, and this is great for esports in many ways. Going forward will appeal to both types of users that we mentioned, and we will be guiding newcomers into the world of esports and delivering expert content for more devoted fans.
We are committed to continuous improvement of the product to make sure our users can easily access and watch the latest live esports matches. We aim to become an ultimate guide of esports for all types of fans with an interest in video gaming. The team is continually exploring ways to make the website faster and easier to navigate for all the visitors and will potentially launch a mobile app in the future.

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