How technology is changing your affiliate effort

In the digital age, the world around us is changing at breakneck speed. Unless you’re able to keep up with the flow of technology and improve your website engagement, you’ll notice that it’s easy to get left behind. This can spell the end for any affiliate business, so we’re giving you the heads up on the ways in which technology will be disrupting your marketing efforts in the future. 
Automation is key for engagement
Customer segmentation and creating bespoke lead generation and customer funnel journeys are becoming more important for affiliates. Gone are the days when driving traffic was enough to earn revenue. As audiences get more advanced with interacting online you need to be building rapport with customers to continue re-marketing to them and maximising revenue earnings per user.
Understanding how your customer is finding you and what they do after they’ve made a deposit is a very powerful data set to to have in your arsenal. Some of the best automation tools are becoming easier to implement with no need for specific coding or design. It’s becoming easier to create a platform for engagement and re-engagement using simple tools that are being developed to help with marketing automation. CRM is no longer complex and can be set up in just a few simple steps.
Technology gives you more time
With so many different options for marketers, the possibilities really are endless. This is fantastic for those that want to really pinpoint the customer that they know is right for them, making any spend on reaching that customer more effective. 
Chatbots and AI have really taken off this year, with more practical uses coming to the fore. We’re seeing brands ramp up in their inclusion of this kind of tech, which will only continue in the coming year. This is a challenge for marketers, as you have to be able to understand these tools, before you can use them. 
If you take this challenge and turn it into an opportunity for your brand, then you’re more likely to succeed in the competitive arena of affiliate marketing. Think about how you can leverage your brand to gain a wider reach. Being the first to implement something new or pioneer new marketing efforts with the advancement of technology can show that you’re ab affiliate really worth working with. 
Don’t underestimate the power of this kind of tech in your business. While it may be time and cost intensive to set up a chatbot on your site, it can bring in a fantastic return on your monthly investment by engaging audiences in a direct discussion. 
Using your data more effectively 
With tools like Google Analytics on your side, you have the benefit of knowing your consumer better than ever. However, many of us can feel the effects of analysis paralysis, when we just have too much data at our fingertips and don’t know how to interpret it. It’s possible to spend hours, if not days, delving into this data without getting much in the way of real insight.
There are a lot of new tools at your disposal to interpret this kind of data, so you should be looking into using these where possible to improve conversion techniques. These tools can take the raw information and turn it into real insight, without requiring as much human intervention. Big data is there, but without extrapolation and analysis, you won’t be able to gain the knowledge that you need to improve your site. 
There are some great open source tools out there that can help you out with this challenge. Many of these give a visual interpretation of the data, which can be easier to follow and understand. Orange and KNIME can both give you a start in the world of this analysis, from there you can invest in more in depth tools if you find this useful for your brand. Powerful AI tools can also interpret this data for you and turn it into actionable suggestions. These tools are more costly, but they can save you time and money in the long term as well. 
As we come to the end of this busy digitally disruptive year,  affiliate marketers are already looking forward to the challenges and opportunities that the next year will bring. With 2018 giving us the rise of the influencers, increased regulation and compliance and creative AI lead chatbots, 2019 will continue to disrupt the marketing world as we have come to know it. Prepare your affiliate site to become an early adopter of new trends that work and measure the return that they bring you. 
Positioning yourself as the first in iGaming to implement a new type of tech can be a powerful thing, don’t underestimate the PR visibility that this can bring to your affiliate brand.
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