Email techniques that will help you convert customers repeatedly

If you capture your customer’s data and email them, you may be expecting big results but not really getting them. This could be down to a range of factors, which you should be aware of in order to change this and convert your customers. Check out these simple techniques and apply them to your email marketing campaigns for even better results.

Think about your Subject Line

The subject line is the first thing that your reader will see, if they choose not to open the email then it will be the only thing they see about your brand. Remember that if a user signs up to your affiliate newsletter, they’re probably signed up to a host of other iGaming related communications. This means that your subject line should be written to stand out and incentivise them to want to find out more.

Don’t use spammy language or attempt to make the user believe that it’s from another party. Just be authentic and give them a real reason to want to convert with you, it’s as simple as that.

More and more people are experimenting with using emojis in their subject line. Since Mailchimp allowed this, the use of emojis in the subject line has increased by 775%. If you’re an affiliate chatting to readers in an informal tone then you may also want to try these out too.

Use a Welcome Email

When a user subscribes to your mailing list, you should have an automated welcome email ready to roll out. At this time, your user has already chosen to communicate with you and you should make the most of this while it’s fresh. Welcome emails are attributed to bringing in 320% more revenue than any others during the user journey.

This also establishes first contact, so that when you follow up with CRM emails, your user knows who you are and what to expect.

Offer Value to the Recipient

We all get hundreds of emails each and every day from companies, but they mostly end up in the trash. The ones that do get opened and lead to conversions tend to offer something valuable to the user, such as an exclusive bonus.

If you can’t see a reason why a person should open your email, then they most likely won’t bother. You don’t want to go overboard but an incentive is a great way to boost your open rates and conversions.

It’s all about Timing

Tuesday is apparently the best day to send out an email campaign, as people are more receptive to the message therein. This may not be true for every affiliate however, so you should be prepared to experiment with different times and days.

The most important thing to remember is that you don’t want to overload your user. People will unsubscribe if you email them too often or if your emails are tedious.

Segment your Data

Studies show that those who segment their data in order to send the most relevant emails, can expect a 14.32% higher open rate. This is simple cause and effect, you know your user and send them what’s most relevant to them.

There’s a lot of automation software out there that you can use to select which segment your user will fall into. This may mean you identify which are more interested in sports betting offers, those that open their emails in the evening or those that consistently convert through certain operators. Then, with these facts in mind you can tailor make content that will lead them to convert.

Check the Statistics

If you’re just sending out emails once a week or month, without looking at the stats then you’ll be wasting your time. Mailing software can tell you so much about your user and even give you pointers in order to improve your success. Using the statistics to figure out the right time to send, the content that converts and even which buttons users tend to click on can give you great insight on how you can improve.

Try incorporating different elements into your mailers, like video or interesting graphics. Then, use the statistics to figure out if this is something that your users respond to. If so, you can also work to add more of this to your affiliate portal and social media channels. This can act as a market research tool, as you can quickly get a feel for what your users like and dislike.

Engage Beyond Email

Using chatbots is becoming more popular, but there’s still time to get involved in this trend before it becomes oversaturated. Delivering content to your user’s Facebook Messenger has a massively increased open rate when compared to email. These can be up to 90%, which is huge compared to email marketing campaigns.

These are startlingly easy to create with the right tools and they’re being underused in iGaming so far. Jump on this trend if you want to beat your competitors to the punch.

Email marketing is an exceptionally powerful tool, but only when it is used correctly. It can offer a fantastic ROI for affiliates, but this will only happen if you are conscientious about the content that you send out. While using these tips may take you a bit longer, monitor your conversion rate and you will be pleasantly surprised at the power they have.

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