has announced its affiliate program value report for 2017. The purpose of the report is to share with the webmaster community and gain an insight as to which affiliate programs perform the best and ones that are below average.

The numbers are compiled from the statistics and revenue data from ThePOGG for the entire year of 2017. Although exact figures of Clicks, FTDs and revenue are not shared, the data is compiled to show the average player value.

Duncan Garvie from commented: “For years now it’s frustrated me to see every affiliate program claiming that they’re the “highest value” program on the market. While is not the largest affiliate in the market the levels of traffic we’re sending are now large enough that we can see trends starting to appear. The more I dug into the numbers the more interesting this became – seeing which programs are converting well and which are delivering good value. I hope other affiliates will find this information as interesting as I have.”  

The report includes a Reliability score which the higher the number, the more reliable the data is due to the sample size of data from ThePOGG. For Reliability scores of 1 and 2, these are considered low meaning the sample size isn’t enough for a program to be considered to be high or low performing.

Programs with Highest Average Player Value

These 4 affiliate programs were the highest for average player value at ThePOGG where reasonable Reliability scores were also present were:

Programs with the Best Sign-up Efficiency

If you want to know the programs that deliver the most signups per click, or rather take the least number of clicks to achieve a signup, ThePOGG has also rated their best programs for this and they are:

Programs with the best Sign-up to NDP efficiency

The first 4 programs from the Sign-up to NDP efficiency table show Sports Interaction Affiliates, VideoSlots Affiliates, Grosvenor Affiliates, TTR Partners and beAffiliates. These first 5 programs have reliability scores of 1 to 3 respectively. The next few programs have a better reliability score.

Programs with the best Overall Conversion Efficiency

The last part of the report shows how many clicks are needed to generate a new depositing player (NDP). Keep in mind that programs with a reliability score of 1 to 3 mean the data comes from a smaller than average sample so it is considered less reliable.

Best Overall Affiliate Programs

The report summarizes the best of the best by factoring in all the data and reports to give a good overview of which programs are performing the best for ThePOGG for results. The report avoids critisizing the programs that are the weakest for performance and conversion.