E3, gaming’s biggest marketing event, cancelled

If you are a gaming nerd this week, you will be weeping. After four years of no E3 expo, the massive, big budget gaming convention was supposed to be back in Los Angeles in June, but once again, the Electronic Entertainment Expo is cancelled.

The convention was due to return as an in-person event this year, after lockdown forced it to either close or be pushed online depending on the situation, but it seems too many of the biggest names in gaming are pulling out.

According to the BBC: “Analysts say it has “struggled to remain relevant” and adapt to changes in the industry in recent years. Ubisoft became the latest publisher to pull out, while Nintendo, Microsoft and Sony were reportedly set to miss it.”

E3 has been going since 1995 and it essentially the Super Bowl of gaming when it comes to its marketing potential. Had the event went forward YouTube and Twitch would have been full of gamers giving their opinions on the game trailers that were released at the event on top of the content of the event itself, which is something akin to Comic Con for gaming.

However, the opinion of the convention was going down long before lockdown had any effect, and with big companies like Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo and now Ubisoft leaving and sometimes creating their own event, the expo was rapidly losing relevance.

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