Can affiliates capitalise on Cryptoeconomies?

It seems that cryptocurrencies are everywhere: in the news;  in online stores; and in the world of day trading. Many affiliates are aware of these currencies, but some don’t actually know how they relate back to igaming. In this article we’ll have a deeper look at everything you need to know about using these new online currencies to your advantage. 

Welcome to the world of cryptocurrency

You may have felt it was alright to ignore the emergence of cryptocurrency as a fad. Back in the early days, it was a niche concept that not many people were aware of. Now, it is gathering dizzying momentum and finding itself in front of our screens in many different forms. 

For this reason, you can no longer ignore the fact that consumers may want to use this currency more frequently to transact online. In terms of the statistics, the numbers are telling. For Bitcoin alone, 12,000 transactions are made every hour around the world. Within the ranks of those owning these coins, a large percentage of them are tech savvy males with an interest in gaming. This is the perfect audience for any affiliate, so it’s up to you to get a slice of their coins. 

There are many different currencies that come under this umbrella, with new ones being devised on a near daily basis. Anyone can create a Blockchain currency, though many of them go largely ignored by the public. Savvy affiliates could create their own crypto coins to garner engagement , customer retention and join in on this community lead way of transacting.

There is already a Casino Coin in circulation, created by some big names in the iGaming business. They’ve created great communities on Reddit and on Twitter, as these are statistically where their target users will be active.

What should you be doing in your affiliate business?

If you want to start promoting casinos or betting sites that accept cryptocurrency, then it’s essential to understand your offerings. This means that you must understand who your audience is and how exactly you will be able to appeal to them, as well as the different crypto brands you may be promoting. 

This is a tough task to research yet more brands and understand the fine differences between them as it will take resource investment to learn about these new currencies, but if you’re up to it then you could potentially push yourself into the spotlight as an early adopter. The crossover between these two target audiences is quite broad, so it’s up to you to get in there and carve out your niche. You could even reach out to existing iGaming coin owners in order to create a partnership or cross sell data. 

As this is a relatively new niche, you can have a good brainstorm on creating a totally unique content strategy that engages interested users from the onset. Think of who your users are and how you’re going to get your brand or website in front of them. 

Opportunities abound

We all know that the gambling industry is feeling smaller and smaller, as it becomes more competitive. This is why it’s so important to start thinking about other ways in which you could reach a new audience to expand your revenue reach. 

There are some affiliates out there that are capitalising on this trend. Coin Clarity and Cryptoslate are just some of the places that users can go to check out the latest casino sites accepting their coins. It’s interesting to see that users on Reddit ask one another more often about where to use their coins, which presents a good organic marketing point. 

Out of all the different opportunities out there, it’s quite interesting to see that cryptocurrency and gambling have grown together exponentially. This allows affiliates to effectively access a primed educated online audience. If you have a long term view for your business and the right content team in place – then there is a real opportunity that you can convert this audience before any of your competitors do. 

Final thoughts

As with just about every other kind of business out there, in the world of cryptocurrency, he who dares wins. If you’re struggling to bring in traffic or conversions with your existing strategy, then a drastic change might just yield results. The brightest affiliate stars all start somewhere, could this be the change in direction that gets your affiliate brand noticed? If you want to find out more about Crypto and Blockchain make sure you register now to attend AffiliateFEST – we’ll be covering these area’s in depth with Jan Sammut an industry expert, the CEO and Founder of

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