Why now is the perfect time for affiliates to look into the crypto and forex marketplaces

There are so many interesting avenues that affiliates could choose to pursue, and many are turning to what the crypto and forex markets can offer. Those who want to monetise their traffic in these areas quickly should consider CPA Networks to maximise their earning with a variety of offers hosted in one simple and easy to use platform.

Why do affiliates love the crypto and forex marketplace right now?

These markets whilst volatile are incredibly interesting for a traditional iGaming affiliate to explore. However, this is also a big part of the major draw of them. Though it will take some time to work out how to operate successfully in these markets and in a profitable manner, it is no different from the steps that you may have taken to familiarise yourself with other aspects of affiliate marketing.

Forex and crypto trading are flexible and allows for trading on different scales and at any times the markets are open. More importantly, the verticals in these areas are growing on a massive scale, and continue to do so. Now is the perfect time to dive in for those interested in what the markets have to offer. For crypto alone, the global market is expected to have a compound annual growth rate of 30% from 2019 to 2026.

How can affiliates level up and earn during this growth period?

With these markets booming thanks to bitcoin and crypto interest spikes, it is key that affiliates also step up and learn how to make these markets work best for them and their audiences before going “all in”.

Partnering with an Affiliate Network platform, such as Profit Pixels CPA network, is therefore a great option to test the waters, and slim down the need to do complex integrations with operators directly at the start. From one platform, you will be able to use machine-learning algorithms to direct traffic through the most appropriate sources. With real-time stats and lead statuses delivered in detailed reports, and an AI-based system to help prevent lead duplicates, Profit Pixels is a great platform to support affiliates interested in the crypto and forex markets – regardless of their expertise in these fields.

Networks also offer more attractive CPA rates of up to $1000 plus in-house offers for almost all GEOs, in one place. Having all this available in one interface provides a brilliant solution for affiliates to focus on traffic monetisation, while allowing them to build commercial earnings and affiliate profits from a variety of partners.

Why should affiliates work with networks that offer multiple offers and report consolidations?

The internet is a big place, and markets such as forex and crypto are truly global. For this reason, it is important to find a platform that fully accommodates this. Other types of affiliate activity might have you limited to selected GEOs, or even just the one. Being able to work across these multiple GEOs allows affiliates to chase leads and traffic wherever it may be.

Though this can be a daunting thought when considering the scale of the market, platforms like Profit Pixels have 24/7 affiliate manager and technical support to help give guidance when things go wrong. They also offer native-speaking call centres to aid with lead processing. No matter the level that they wish to engage on, an affiliate will find the tools and assistance waiting for them.

Simply put networks offer consolidated reports, easy payments, and language and technical support making the management of affiliate’s marketing activities that little bit easier to process.

The crypto and forex markets have so much to offer affiliates, especially as they continue to grow and offer new opportunities for those willing to engage with them. However, those who do wish to engage with them need to find the right platform they can use to leverage leads and drive results.

Profit Pixels is a fantastic option for those wishing to monitor their traffic across these markets, regardless of GEOs and pursue some of the many interesting options forex and crypto can present.  Sign up to this network and monetize your traffic across these markets now.

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