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Content Marketing: Do’s & Don’ts – Building Your Personal, Affiliate & Business Brand

In this week’s podcast episode, Lee-Ann is joined by Vitaly Anisin, Head of Content Marketing at Alpha Affiliates. They discuss content marketing and its importance in affiliate programs and cover topics such as: the difference between paid and earned content, building personal and business brands through content marketing, and the use of AI in content creation. The conversation emphasises the need for a deep understanding of the target audience, consistent tone of voice, and authenticity in content creation. The episode provides valuable insights and practical tips for Affiliate Managers and businesses looking to leverage content marketing to grow their brands.

Listen in here for all of the insights:

Building Your Brand

Lee-Ann comments on the importance of building your brand as an Affiliate Manager, “In short, it’s about understanding your uniqueness. You want to start building your brand – think of yourself as a brand ambassador for your affiliate program, you have to drill deep and understand what makes you unique as an affiliate manager. So how does somebody start? What are the best avenues to push PR at the moment? How can they use PR and content marketing to elevate their personal brands so that people buy them?”

Vitaly replies, “I guess the answer is that everything has its downsides and strengths. For example, pushing content through Instagram is more about creating a really captivating visual image of yourself. So, if you are speaking about being an affiliate who has a great sense of humour or someone who has expertise. But you can also be an affiliate who is passionate about luxury clothing. There is a lot of helpful content that you can create with this approach. People love luxury brands. They like style, they like clothing. It can be a foundation of your brand image.These things, I guess, they are good for Instagram, but LinkedIn is more about bringing the expertise. It’s more about writing thought leadership pieces. You have to provide some expertise, something helpful, something useful for people to connect with. LinkedIn is a really great platform. You mentioned the personal blog and it’s also a good option because it helps you promote your brand naturally. It also helps you establish the image of an expert, of someone who’s doing their own thing. Anybody can have an account on Instagram, but setting up a personal blog that looks nice, that works great, it’s not that difficult, but it still takes some time, takes some work, takes some effort.”

Tips to Elevate Your Brand

Lee-Ann asks, “What are some of the basic things that you guys are doing to actually elevate the Alpha brand right now that other people can maybe implement into their businesses, too?”

Vitaly explains, “I strongly believe that a concise, well thought out, well developed strategy for a brand is essential. It’s not something that you should treat like something grand or complex. You just have to sit and think about what you bring to the table at the moment and what you want to bring to the table in the future. Maybe you want to expand your presence, expand your operations. You have to think about how you want people – your target audience, and people in general to perceive what you are doing, because there are still many ways for people to perceive essentially one and the same thing.”

Never Underestimate the Power of Creativity

Lee-Ann mentions the topic of AI and asks, “What are some of the tools that you’re seeing in AI that are helping with content creation that maybe you’ve even used? Do you think we should be using them?”

Vitaly answers, I think we should be using them, but I don’t really think that AI, at least in content creation and content writing, I don’t think that it should be that praised that everyone is buzzing about it. It’s not really a revolution as someone puts it. Because, yeah, I use ChatGPT in my work, but it’s more of a helpful tool. It doesn’t replace my content writing team. It doesn’t replace the creative work, the creative process that are always involved when you’re doing marketing. It drives your creativity, I guess. So you just scrolling through the options that come up and you’re like, that’s not interesting, that’s not interesting – but that I might take and develop and use, and the process starts again. For content creation in general, I guess AI is really good in the areas where content is not really a priority. Where there should be content, but it’s not a priority. You can create descriptions and it’s almost like baseline content.”

Listen to find out more about:

  • The difference between Paid and Earned Content
  • Building Your Personal Brand as an Affiliate Manager
  • Using Content Marketing to Elevate Your Business Brand

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[12:35] Using PR and Content Marketing to Elevate Personal Brand

[22:25] AI and Content Creation

[25:00] Do’s and Don’ts of Content Creation

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