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Connect, Learn, Amplify: Make the Most of the Affiverse Amplify Summit

Virtual events have become the new normal, opening doors to a world of knowledge and connection without the limitations of geography. But unlike physical events, getting the most out of a virtual experience requires a different kind of preparation. As we prepare for Affiverse AMPLIFY on March 19 and 20, let’s ensure you have the essential pre-summit strategies to maximise your experience and blast off your affiliate success.

Mission Control: Know Your Objectives

Every journey needs a destination. What are your goals for the Amplify Summit? Is it to uncover fresh marketing tactics, forge connections with industry titans, or discover cutting-edge affiliate tools? Having a clear mission helps you navigate the information overload and prioritise your time. Are you an affiliate looking to boost conversions, diversify your traffic sources, or negotiate better deals? Or an affiliate manager seeking to attract high-performing affiliates, optimise your program, or improve communication? Tailor your summit experience based on your unique needs.

Charting Your Course: Master the Map

The Amplify Summit boasts a star-studded lineup of keynotes, workshops, and networking opportunities. Get familiar with the agenda before liftoff. Explore speaker profiles, session topics, and platform functionalities. Create a personalised schedule, highlighting must-attend sessions on topics like performance optimisation, influencer marketing, or combatting fraud. Leave room for unplanned discoveries – you never know what hidden gems you might find!

Pre-Flight Check: Tech Up for Success

Imagine venturing into the virtual unknown with a sputtering spaceship! Ensure your digital vessel is mission-ready. Test your internet connection, computer capabilities, and microphone/webcam functionality. Download any necessary software or updates in advance. Having a backup plan, like using your phone for audio if needed, can be a lifesaver.

Gear Up for Action: Pack Your Essentials

Just like on a physical expedition, pack the tools you need. Prepare a digital notebook for jotting down key takeaways, have your questions ready for Q&A sessions, and keep digital business cards or contact information handy for networking. Pack your curiosity and an open mind – the summit is brimming with innovative strategies and industry insights.

Engage with the Crew: Become a Virtual Networker

Don’t be a passive observer! Utilise chat functions to ask questions, share your experiences, and connect with other affiliates and managers. Participate in polls, live Q&A sessions, and dedicated networking spaces. Remember, networking is about building genuine connections, not just collecting contacts. Share your expertise, offer support, and learn from others’ experiences.

Additional Tips:

    • On-Demand Access Ticket. Upgrade your free ticket for £49 and you will be able to watch all of the learnings from the two days at a time to suit you, once the event is over.
    • Set realistic goals and expectations. Don’t overload your schedule. Use the On-Demand option to ensure you don’t miss a thing.
    • Take breaks and stretch! Avoid virtual fatigue.
    • Dress comfortably and professionally. First impressions matter, even online.
    • Prepare an elevator pitch. Be ready to introduce yourself and your business.
    • Follow up with connections after the event. Build lasting relationships.


Remember, the summit is your launchpad to marketing success. Be prepared, be present, and be ready to AMPLIFY your impact!

Calling all Affiliates and Affiliate Managers!

Don’t miss out on this exciting opportunity! Register for the Affiverse Amplify Summit today. Our unmissable two-day Virtual Learning Summit on March 19 and 20. Delivered direct to your screen, our industry experts will share a series of informed debates covering new trends and thought leadership workshops, designed to help affiliate businesses AMPLIFY their performance!


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