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Maximising Affiliate Marketing Success in Asia: Approaches and Strategies for Rapid Growth

In this week’s episode of the Affiliate Marketing Podcast, Lee-Ann Johnstone interviews Parul Bhargava, Co-Founder and CEO of vCommission. Listen to this insightful discussion about maximising affiliate marketing success in Asia. Lee-Ann and Parul discuss the growth of affiliate marketing in the Asian market, the importance of language and currency localisation, successful brands in the region, and the strategies for success in the Asian market. They also talk about building relationships with affiliates, tracking and analytics, common mistakes in affiliate marketing, and the trends to watch in the Asian market. Don’t miss these valuable insights for brands looking to expand their affiliate marketing efforts in Asia.

Listen in here for all of the insights:

Tactical Approaches for Affiliate Managers

Lee-Ann asks Parul, “What are some of the tactical approaches and strategies that you would advise for affiliate managers listening to this? You spoke about the fact that language wasn’t really necessary, but that imagery was.”

Parul replies, “One very big differentiating factor between Europe, which is a big industry for gaming, and Asia is the buying capacity and the first deposits that come in, because they are considerably smaller. Here, in the Asian countries, what really needs to be focused on is the lifetime value of a customer rather than the first deposit. So, I think that is also one thing that I really emphasise to brands in the European markets – if they have a certain percentage of lead to first time deposit or the value of first time deposit, they should actually reduce it to one tenth when they talk.”

What Should You Test For?

Lee-Ann summarises, “I think what I’m hearing here is that in Asia, you’ve got to be testing and learning, and then scaling, and then getting to the point where you can actually look at that value metric. That is a very different mindset to what we have here in European markets and in the US as well, especially for acquisition marketers, because we’re always tasked with what’s the first purchase, or the average basket value, or first deposit option. We’re always looking at that first metric and maybe it’s a case of a mindset change because you need to be thinking about the localised market in a way that makes sense for that localised market. 

“What would you suggest that a client coming into the Asian market tests for? Because you can’t test everything in one month.”

Parul says, “I recommend a one-year tenure of testing, broken down into four quarters. Where for each quarter you don’t change anything, you don’t disrupt the marketing program. For example, you’ve decided on a payout, you’ve decided on a conversion – flow test that out for three months before bringing in a change. Test that change out for another three months before bringing in a change and evolve your affiliate program with a stable metric.”

What Happens When a Campaign Fails?

Lee-Ann asks Parul, “You mentioned earlier that the metrics that you may look at in affiliate programs in Europe aren’t necessarily the same as what they are in Asian markets. But what happens when a campaign fails? How willing are publishers in Asia to actually come to the table and try and run the campaign again? Does that impact the relationships that you have when things don’t work on both sides?”

Parul explains, “I think like anywhere else in the world, here as well, if we have a logical explanation to why something happened, publishers are very open and willing to try the same brand again. But if we don’t have any logical reasoning as to why a certain thing happened, which shouldn’t have happened, then as a first step, even we try to stay away to be honest. But then it is also very difficult to bring the same publishers back.”

Listen to find out more about:

  • Affiliate marketing is growing rapidly in the Asian market, driven by factors such as the increasing popularity of gaming and the mobile-first adoption of gadgets.
  • Language localisation is not always necessary in the Asian market, as many countries have a significant English-speaking population and consume online content in English.
  • Building strong relationships with affiliates is crucial in the Asian market, and brands should prioritise transparency, timely payments, and open communication.
  • Content marketing remains a key trend in the Asian market, with a shift towards video content and influencer marketing.

Key segments of this podcast and where you can tune in to go direct: 

[07:14] Language and Currency Localisation

[18:10] Strategies for Success in the Asian Market

[26:00] The Future for Affiliate Marketing in Asia

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