BtoBet launches lottery technology through iLotto Solutions partnership

Online gaming platform provider BtoBet has teamed up with iLotto Solutions to launch its new lottery solution.

Under the terms of the partnership, iLotto Solutions will make its entire lottery portfolio available to BtoBet’s operator partners.

“The lottery solution is also very strong in terms of emerging markets, featuring not only a lightweight API, but also allowing operators to maximise on the opportunity of opening the international lottery scene to these emerging realities through fractions bets, which allow players to place more cost-effective bets specifically tailored for them by buying a fraction of a ticket,” BtoBet chief executive Alessandro Fried explained.

The lottery solution will give users the ability to effectively manage their acquisition, conversion, retention and reactivation strategies. It is also hoped that the solution may help operators boost player engagement, offering licensees the chance to opt for branded lotteries and syndicates.

Branded material is due to be offered in a localised context, with the option to alter frontend customisation, jackpots, language and currencies, while maintaining the product’s core functionalities.

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