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Affiliate spotlight: BettingTips4You

We recently caught up with Marco from This sports betting affiliate site has been providing betting tips for several years, focusing mainly on football. In recent times, it has started to cover tennis and American football too. 

In this piece, Marco shares his secrets to success and lessons that have been learned along the way. He also speculates on what future of iGaming affiliate marketing might look like.

Affiverse: was established in 2013. How have you seen the website evolve over time? How do you seek to engage customers online now, compared to then?

Marco: We’ve had a clear plan since the beginning. This has been to offer both insights for upcoming matches, along with providing useful betting information to our readers. Then, we combine these two aspects with some great betting offers. 

Our experts have been delivering well-researched tips for multiple sports – mainly football and other UK sports – for six years now. Deciding to check for (and post) the latest free bets and first deposit bonuses was also effective for us. Our readership is growing each month, which is satisfying. 

AI: Football remains one of the most popular sports to bet on. What services set you apart from similar affiliate websites? 

M: We have a range of content, which caters for all types of punters. It doesn’t matter if it’s someone looking for a higher-risk bet, such as a 12-fold accumulator, or those pursuing safer options.

We’ve also expanded what we cover and include late night tips from South American football, the NBA and NHL. All of our guides are put together by a passionate team. We love what we do, and the appreciation our readers have for this is clear through our growing numbers.

AI: Why have you elected to focus your site and content marketing strategy around betting tips and prediction models?

M: We believe that our readers deserve respect. That’s why our betting tips have been thoroughly researched by our team of experts. This means that those who check our tips know we haven’t just picked the first bets we see. Some punters may choose not to go with our suggestions. But, by using our prediction models and so on, they can make an educated decision for themselves.  

AI: How do customers typically benefit from these services? Why should brands look to have featured advertising on these kinds of affiliate portals?

M: We firstly deliver sports analysis, before adapting this to betting. This is because, first and foremost, our readers are passionate about sports.They just gamble recreationally. 

In effect, we operate like a sports news website. We just adopt a betting angle. If you took away the analytical sentences, what we write would fit on that kind of website. By doing this, we’ve attracted better-quality traffic and our partnered operators have enjoyed better-quality players.

AI: As the affiliate market matures, we see more strategies being driven forward by insights and data. What do you think is changing about the affiliate model? How will you be looking to secure new traffic sources? 

M: We believe that huge potential still exists. In six years, we’ve only scratched the surface. Our team has expanded as we’ve grown, enabling us to provide the same quality of service across multiple sports. That has attracted new customers, as well as retaining our existing ones. 

Even in the early days of our new offerings, such as tennis and American sports, we’re still seeing great results. We’ve also invested in technology to make our website as quick and powerful as it should be. This is something we believe is vital, in order to compete with the industry’s best.

AI: As an established affiliate business owner, what are three key things that you think will drive success between affiliates and operators in 2020 and beyond? 

 M: The first thing is passion. This is a difficult industry, but one which is also rewarding. So, loving what you do will encourage you to go the extra mile. 

Always try new things. You have to stick with your strategy, but should also be flexible enough to adapt and evolve. Every day, we try new things and learn from them. 

Consistency. From our experience, you can have great ideas but consistency is vital. When we began in 2013, for example, people told us that the UK market was already saturated. But we believed that we could provide a unique service, and continued to follow this path. Needless to say, we’ve proven those doubters wrong.

AI: What is the best digital marketing tip you’ve learned from running your site over the past six years, that you can share with other affiliates who’ll be reading this?

M: Never think that you’ve done enough. 

This industry changes all the time, so you need to be motivated and continue improving your product. The landscape now is unrecognisable to when we started, but our site continues to thrive. This is because we’ve responded to these changes by adapting our digital marketing strategy. 

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