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AskGamblers Awards 2018: Cultivating that 'Oscars vibe'

AskGamblers is a casino affiliate site that has been active for over a decade. Something of an industry veteran, the firm has acquired a degree of authority over the years and places a strong emphasis on transparency as a result.
“If you are looking for transparent, unbiased casino and game reviews, real players’ opinions and ratings, AskGamblers is the place to be,” reads the AskGamblers site’s ‘About Us’ section. “Over the past decade, we have built a trusted online casino portal, dedicated to guide players to a safe gambling experience.”
But in an increasingly saturated market, what makes AskGamblers stand out from rival casino affiliate sites? “What makes AskGamblers stand out from the crowd is the innovative culture that we nurture, constantly thinking ahead and implementing improvements and new functionalities, all designed to enhance the AskGamblers overall experience and provide players with all the information they need to choose wisely the online casinos to play at,” insists the firm’s Product Owner Denis Ristic.
This transparency and forward-thinking attitude carries over into the AskGamblers Awards, the firm’s annual industry awards event that Ristic insists is “slowly getting that ‘Oscars vibe’ which the awards will hopefully grow into”. Moving into its second year, AskGamblers Awards 2018 will be held in Belgrade at the start of January, and is hoping to use the success of the inaugural year as a springboard to bigger things.
“Last year, we did an awards pilot project, where the idea became reality in a short period of time,” explains Ristic. “As we have received great response and feedback, we have decided to up our game this year introducing more categories, nomination period which includes players and their opinion from the start and finish it all off with an extravagant event which will be held in January in Belgrade and gather some of the industry’s biggest names.”
Ahead of the awards, Affiverse has partnered with AskGamblers, a friendship that Ristic is quick to applaud: “We are extremely happy with our partnership with Affiverse as you guys are very professional, diligent and eager to help us spread the word about the AskGamblers Awards across the industry. I think the benefit is mutual and I look forward of many years of fruitful cooperation.”
And when the conversation turns to what AskGamblers has in store for 2019, Ristic imbues a similar sense of enthusiasm, although does his best to keep his cards close to his chest: “Though I can’t say much about any projections, I can gladly invite you to stay tuned, as 2019 is going to be an exciting year for sure, starting with the first ever AskGamblers Awards ceremony which will be held in Belgrade on 17th January.
“I invite everyone who will not be there with us in person to join us via live stream at 9pm and be part of the magic.”

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