Artificial intelligence in affiliate marketing: how can it be useful?

Running a successful affiliate website takes time. Various things need to be considered, including how you attract your audience. It’s also important to think about how, once you’ve grabbed their attention, you’ll improve their online experience. It’s also vital to be available to solve their problems, regardless of the time.

In the technological age we live in, there are plenty of solutions to make all of these aspects easier. Artificial intelligence (AI) is one of these.

This blog post will look at areas AI can improve your affiliate marketing efforts. We’ll also look at how it can be used for your customer service, plus more.

Content curation 

No technology can, nor will, be able to replace the authenticity of human-created content created. But AI can assist with the beginning and end processes. 

For starters, it can be useful when you’re editing. After looking at the same piece of work for a while, it becomes hard to spot typos – even for experienced writers. Utilising this technology will ensure that possible errors are picked up before your work is published.

AI is also good for planning purposes, because of how its measuring capabilities differ to Google. There are a lot of similarities, yes, but AI is able to determine contextual relevance better in many cases. Therefore, you could source content that might have been lost within search engines. As a result, you might find additional insights that other writers couldn’t.


AI allows you to collect data on your target demographic(s) in more depth. Because of this, you’ll have a better idea on what they’re looking for. You can therefore create resources that these people will seek in search engines, which is important when you consider that 93% of online journeys begin with a search (Source: SEO Journal)

Knowing your audience will also aid you in building personalised landing pages. We discussed the importance of catering for your audience in a recent piece about email marketing. Through personalising your offerings, users will be more inclined to both click on your affiliate links and return to your website. There’s also a chance that they’ll recommend you to other punters. That means more commission for you in the long run.

User experience 

Beyond retargeting, you can also use AI to enhance your visitors’ online experience. For example, you could integrate live chat capabilities with your website (See our post on AI chatbots). This is useful for dealing with problems and queries quicker, resulting in happier players. It also means that you can address issues 24/7, without needing someone to be present. 

Going back to the customer journey, you could also use the relevant data for this to offer recommendations. For example, you could suggest odds and betting types that might interest a player – based on their wagering history. By giving users more of what they want, they’ll be more inclined to keep depositing money through your links in the future. 

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