Arizona sports betting bill receives federal approval

The US Department of Interior (DoI) approved a tribal-state gaming compact bill in Arizona, clearing the way for legal sports betting to launch in the state. You can now legally gamble on sporting events and fantasy sports in the state.

Another milestone

Last April, the legislators passed House Bill 2772 with an emergency clause to help speed the launch of sports betting in the state. Said bill was completing the compact that had been a matter of lengthy negotiation between Arizona Governor Doug Ducey and the state’s gaming tribes.

This compact bill sets out measures allowing consumers to bet on sports at tribal casinos and sites owned by major league sports teams in Arizona and is deemed to “modernises Arizona gaming industry”, declared Ducey.

On Monday, Arizona sports betting passed another milestone as the US Department of Interior (Dol) approved the amended tribal-state gaming compact, finalising the agreement signed last month by Ducey and the tribal leaders.

With the DoI having given the green light to the bill, this now clears the way for the rollout of legal sports betting in Arizona.

Multiple opportunities

This approval means that a horde of new companies will be looking to introduce themselves to sports fans, such as DraftKings, which has already secured market access deals in the state.

Under the deal, major professional sports groups will be able to offer wagering on pro sports like the NFL and NBA.

Besides, this approval brings great opportunities for the state.

“Gaming creates thousands of jobs for Arizonans, it generates tax revenue that benefits key areas of our communities, and it draws visitors to our state (…) The tribal-state gaming compact amendment, along with its associated legislation, was the culmination of a multi-year process and I was proud to work with all the stakeholders on this historic accomplishment”, said Ducey in a statement.

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