Unlicensed operators ordered to close in Sweden

The online gaming sites involved

Cerberlot NV, Digi Markets NV and Prism Marketing Limited have been suspended with immediate effect. They were found guilty of marketing their content directly to Swedish customers through affiliates.

A violation of the Swedish Gaming Act

All three sites violated section 2 of the Swedish Gaming Act. This relates to directing content towards the Swedish gaming market. They also violated section 3 which requires all gaming sites to obtain the correct license in order to market games to customers. The only exception to this rule is if given permission by the law.

Spelinspektionen representative Robert Larsson said: “The Swedish Gaming Inspectorate considers with regard to consumer protection and to guarantee the safety of the game that it is important that the decision is complied with immediately. The decision shall therefore apply immediately.”

Failure to comply with these measures will result in a fine before it is eventually handed over to the police.

A history of gaming in Sweden

The online gaming market exploded onto the scene in Sweden in 2019. Since then, a growing number of unlicensed black market sites have cropped up and have been operating under the radar. BOS, The Swedish Trade Association for Online Gambling, has repeatedly stated how the country’s deposit cap of 5,000 SEK (£426) has had a drastic effect on Sweden’s relatively low channelisation rate.

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