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GEOs: United States

Konnecto empowers consumer brands to maximize their online sales through industry-leading affiliate discovery and monitoring solutions. We help companies identify the perfect affiliate partners to reach their target audience and monitor performance to ensure maximum return on investment.


Key benefits of Konnecto’s affiliate solutions:

– Uncover new affiliate partners: Our discovery tools help find high-performing affiliates you might have missed.

– Qualify new publishers: Access all the metrics you need to compare and contrast new opportunities to choose the best fit for you.

– Monitor program changes in real-time: Our monitoring tools provide real-time insights and alerts on market, affiliate, and article-level changes, empowering you to identify positional shifts and maintain market share while others lag behind.

– Find gaps between you and your competitors: Discover which publishers your competitors work with, where they drive most of their traffic from, and when they partner with new publishers.

– Gain market context: Gain a comprehensive view of the full affiliate ecosystem to uncover market-level changes and determine if a change affects only you or everyone.

– Get visibility into other affiliate networks: Our platform allows you to see the performance of each affiliate in the market, regardless of whether they work with your network or others. This enables you to assess which networks you should collaborate with.


Let Konnecto be your secret weapon in the ever-evolving world of affiliate marketing.

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