Affiliate Spotlight: Revshare Group Director Staffan Bergh

Affiliate Spotlight shines a light on latest affiliate sites from around the world.
This week we chat to Revshare Group Director Staffan Bergh, who introduces Online Casino NJ, an affiliate site looking to make the most of the newly-liberalised US market.  
Affiverse: Can you begin by introducing Online Casino NJ as a site and explaining what it brings to the affiliate space?
Staffan Bergh: I started about a year ago. We are very content focused in terms of slot reviews and news. I would say our site is the place to visit if you want to read the latest on what’s going on in the NJ online casino world. We already have bigger newspapers linking to our news, which I find kind of cool. Like any other affiliate site targeting NJ you can find several of the best bonuses from the NJ licensed casinos such as Pala Casino or Sugar House.
AI: There are a number of casino affiliate sites out there. What makes Online Casino NJ stand out from the rest?
SB: We are trying to make the visitors come back to our site by giving exclusive news and other interesting news for visitors to read about. It’s not just a casino portal to find the best casino offers and move on. We want to bring something more to the table and in turn I hope that the visitors enjoy our site.
AI: It’s fair to say that the US affiliate opportunity remains relatively untapped. Do you believe New Jersey will lead the way with US affiliate marketing in the same way it did with sports betting?
SB: NJ is always going to be in the forefront for regulated gambling in the US. They were one of the first States to regulate gambling and many other states will follow the regulations of New Jersey once they decide to join the club. So it comes natural that New Jersey will be the first State affiliates will focus on. The regulated framework is already there and its working. There are also quite a few casinos which have affiliate programs which makes things easier.
AI: Nine months on from the repeal of PASPA, where is sports betting in the US headed?
SB: I believe this is just the beginning of sports betting in the US. More and more States are looking into regulating sports betting and I think that when the general population realise that sports betting actually is legal in their State, then naturally it is going to become even bigger.
AI: As we move further into 2019, what are your hopes and aspirations for the next twelve months and beyond for
SB: My goal has always been to be one of the top sites for online gambling in NJ. We are growing steadily and I think that sooner or later we are going to give the bigger sites a good battle for the top spots. We just need to keep doing what we are doing, which is to provide great interesting content which is engaging for the visitor to read.

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