Affiliate Spotlight: Tipstrr MD Damien Fearn

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This week we chat with Damien Fearn, Managing Director of West Midlands sports prediction startup Tipstrr, to find out more about the firm’s fledgling affiliate program.

Affiverse: Can you introduce Tipstrr and explain why you decided to make your move into the affiliate space.

Damien Fearn: Tipstrr is a sports prediction marketplace that allows anyone to prove their credentials as a successful sports bettor. We verify the odds and results to increase transparency and trust between followers and tipsters. With 2017 being development heavy building the product we have today, 2018 has been about growth, and an affiliate program has always been a part of that. We have trialled it with huge success with some great partners, and that success has moved us to publicly launching our affiliate program.

AI: There are a number of sports betting-oriented affiliate programs out there. What makes Tipstrr’s different? And why should budding affiliates be jostling to become a part of it?

DF: Our primary goal is to increase the number of profitable sports bettors. As it stands, the odds are massively stacked against sports bettors. Our affiliate program works for everyone in the ‘chain’, unlike traditional bookmaker affiliate programs. Affiliates earn a commission on sales on our platform, and a user will only continue to spend at if the product they buy helps them beat the bookies. So if their users make money, affiliates will continue to do so. We really like these dynamics, and we think affiliates will love it too. The fact it doesn’t cannibalise other affiliate activities (i.e. with bookmakers) means:

User – they get access to premium betting advice to increase their profits from sports betting

Affiliate – they promote a product that genuinely helps their users, and earn long term when their users make money too

Tipsters/Experts – They get increased exposure and share their advice with a wider audience

AI: How does the Tipstrr affiliate program tie in to the firm’s crypto launch back in March?

DF: Regarding our crypto announcement in March, this isn’t linked to our affiliate program, and has actually taken a back seat after reviewing the ambitious goals we have to embrace the blockchain from a sports betting perspective – it’ll happen, but right now we’re growing Tipstrr to be the #1 sports betting marketplace globally and we think our affiliate program is key to that.

AI: What are your projections for the next twelve months for the Tipstrr affiliate program?

The next twelve months we’re expecting a lot of growth in our affiliate marketplace. Our trial went so well than we believe we could actually see more than 50% of our revenue coming from affiliate referrals by the end of 2019. We’re looking for ambitious affiliates who want to be part of the journey. But it’s also good to reflect on some recent highlights:

– We process thousands of predictions every day.

– We’re now over 1.1 millions predictions since March 2016.

– 250% user growth in 2018

– 350% growth in Tipstrr subscriptions in 2018

– 1000% growth in sales through affiliates in the last 6 months.

Find out more about the Tipstrr affiliate program at:

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