Affiliate Spotlight: Bojoko Content & Community Manager Maria Mangion

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This week we chat with Maria Mangion, Content & Community Manager at Bojoko, who describes what the innovative casino review site brings to the table.

Affiverse: Can you begin by introducing Bojoko as a company and explain what the site brings to the affiliate space?

Maria Mangion: Bojoko is the place where you can share your casino story. Simply put, it’s a platform built for players which brings online casino operators, game suppliers, payment providers and everyone with a stake in igaming together in one ecosystem that serves everyone and promotes good gaming.

The power of story runs through Bojoko in various ways: the casino and game supplier reviews created by operators and providers themselves which paint a picture of the brand, the player reviews of casinos and game suppliers, the stories we publish to entertain and inform players, and the stories players tell each other in our community conversations.

The site is leading the way in compliance with UK regulation and it aims to bring a breath of fresh air into the affiliate space with a different concept that gives every stakeholder more say in their igaming experience.

AI: There are a number of casino comparison sites out there. What makes Bojoko stand out from the rest?

MM: We like comparing Bojoko to TripAdvisor and Airbnb because these sites took comparison and disruption to a whole new level. That’s what we want to achieve with our own platform. For example, we don’t just produce a list of what we think are the best bonuses on our site. There’s a tool designed to help players go into more depth and figure out whether the wagering requirements and other aspects of a casino match their requirements before they decide to use the bonus.

Apart from our top-notch casino selection tools, we’re also placing a lot of emphasis on building a brand that resonates with everyone and a community with features that provide more value in the long run.

AI: The wider affiliate space appears to be in a constant state of flux. How can firms adapt to constant upheaval?

MM: Affiliate companies have to be dynamic to survive and thrive in the face of regulatory, technological and industry shifts bombarding the space. Paying attention to these changes and staying ahead of the curve ensures the business remains relevant and resilient to these challenges, which can also be turned into opportunities for growth.

AI: What are your projections for the next twelve months for Bojoko?

MM: We’re forecasting steady, continuous growth for Bojoko in the next twelve months and beyond. The UK market is already a fiercely competitive one and regulatory changes will only tighten the competition, but Bojoko will keep doing innovative things, being a role model in the industry and carving out its strong brand to fulfil its vision.

We launched Bojoko in late 2017 so it’s been a fun, challenging and rewarding journey since. We hope to keep surprising the industry and most of all, our players, with a quality product that continues to push the boundaries. We’re excited to see what lies ahead!

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