Affiliate Drive Time Week 52: Event Preparation

Ahh, we’re at that time of year again. The Festive Period is behind us, January is almost over and the big iGaming week in London is nearing too.

And while there are things you should’ve done well in advance to prepare, there are still plenty of ways to maximise your experience. In this week’s Affiliate Drive Time, I discuss exactly that.

Does this sound interesting to you? Let’s not waste any more time.

Schedule as many meetings as possible beforehand

ICE and iGB Affiliate London offer massive exposure opportunities. After all, they’re two of the biggest events we attend as an industry each year. And one of the best ways to make yourself known is by scheduling multiple meetings beforehand.

The key in how important iGB Affiliate London is for affiliates is evident in the name alone. They’ll be there, so you need to capitalise on this. Got a particular partner in mind? Schedule something with them and it might be the catalyst to a great relationship.

Don’t be late 

I get it – you’re busy and it’s easy to let sessions overrun. But please do your best to ensure that they don’t. Think about it from the other party’s perspective. Do you really think that rocking up 10 minutes late shows them that you’re serious about doing business?

Have a main goal for each meeting and stick to it. Getting sidetracked wastes valuable time and often, these matters can be discussed at a later date. If you feel that the conversation is veering off-course, take control and make sure that it doesn’t.

Make use of the networking parties 

Believe it or not, these parties are designed for – well – networking. It’s a more relaxed environment and there are fewer distractions than when you’re on the exhibition floor. The combination of these leads to more social opportunities, and potentially better deals as a result.

The days will be busy, but you should still save your energy for the evenings. If that means heading back to the hotel to have a nap and shower beforehand, then so be it. You never know – you might be one conversation away from a deal that takes your business to the next level.

I expand on all of these points, plus more, in the video below. Tomorrow, we’ll be publishing a blog post about how to choose the events that you attend throughout the year. Keep an eye out for that!


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