Affiliate Drive Time Week 48: It’s like baking

Lee-Ann’s upside down pineapple cake.

Lee-Ann agrees that she might never make it onto the Great British Bake Off. But in this week’s #AffiliateDriveTime, she does explain how affiliate marketing is like baking a cake. We all start with the same raw ingredients: a platform, resourcing, budget and marketing plan. It’s what you do with these raw ingredients that impact how your end results differ.

We hope you get some sense of understanding on how to get the best results from your raw ingredients, to create a great affiliate marketing program that rises to meet your business needs.

You can also take a quick look at this workshop to gain a deeper understand of this concept, and how it applies to your strategy, here.

From all of us at Affiverse, we wish you a joyous festive period and look forward to welcoming you back on Affiliate Drive Time next year. Our first episode of 2020 will be out on 8th January, so keep an eye out for that.

Happy New Year!


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