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Affiliate Drive time: Week 37 – Affiliate Manager Brain Funk

In this week’s episode of #AffiliateDriveTime,  founder and CEO Lee-Ann Johnstone speaks on the Affiliate Manager Brain Funk, and how this concept can be integrated into your affiliate management or business.

This episode delves into the importance of being able to get your mindset right when working as an affiliate manager.

Also, Lee-Ann discusses how the book ‘Stop Talking, Start Doing Action Book: Practical tools and exercises to give you a kick in the pants‘ can be integrated into the world of affiliate management, while also discussing the quote:

“YOu can’t expect to hit the jackpot if you don’t put a few NICKELS in the machine”

After watching the latest episode of #AffiliateDriveTime, click here to see the previous episode on Seeing The Bigger Picture.


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