Affiliate Drive Time – A new way to look at program segmentation

When you run an established affiliate program, as an affiliate manager you can often get overwhelmed by the number of affiliates that are in your platform and often tend to ignore the long tail of partners that are already in your database. If this is the case, then you should look into segmenting your affiliate program. By segmenting your program not will not only allow you to focus your time on actively managing your already existing partners but will also help when it comes to looking for new affiliates to promote your brand.

In this week’s episode of Affiliate Drive Time, Lee-Ann talks about segmenting your affiliate database and how you should utilize the assets that your affiliates bring to your brand in order to build brand awareness and value. Check out the video below and read the blog to find out more about affiliate program segmentation and how you can efficiently segment your affiliates and partners.

How to segment your affiliate program

When it comes to segmenting your affiliate programs, there are a number of different ways that you can do so. Some of the most popular ways of segmenting your affiliates include the source of traffic or traffic type, the type of partnership or the length of time the affiliate has been involved in your program. Once you have divided up your affiliates you should then remove the affiliate partners that you no longer work with or who have become inactive.

Why you should segment your affiliate program

As you are probably already aware, things within the affiliate marketing industry can change frequently, therefore removing these affiliates will be beneficial for your brand. Segmenting your affiliate program and getting rid of affiliate partners that are no longer active with your brand will allow you to keep your program clear and tidy. It will also allow you to find affiliates that may be a good fit for your brand and may help you to develop your program even further. Segmenting your affiliate program can also greatly help your bran by decreasing costs across your other direct marketing channels.

It is important to remember that your affiliate program plays a 2 prong approach for your brand. Not only does your program drives sales but it also helps to build audience brand awareness, therefore don’t discount partners that haven’t made sales for brand, otherwise use them to build your brand until they do generate sales. If you want to find out more about program segmentation and learn how to make your affiliate program grow make sure to join our FREE webinar series on YouTube. Also, don’t forget to join us again next week for another episode of Affiliate Drive Time and be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel here!


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