affiliate marketing, ai, artificial intelligence launches new natural language AI tool

Affiliate company has launched a brand-new tool for affiliate marketers and program managers.

Instant Assistant, a highly advanced natural language AI tool, looks set to revolutionize the affiliate industry.

With this tool, users can rapidly scan and analyse data from across their campaigns, giving them key insights and information which can be used to inform their strategy as they move forward.

Instant Assistant functions as a Microsoft Teams-based chatbot, where users can field questions about their strategy and receive instant answers and information. This makes the campaign analysis process far more efficient, reducing the need for cross-departmental communication between marketing and data teams.

Check out this example of how Instant Assistant can be used to get immediate campaign insights:

Instant Assistant uses sophisticated natural language processing technology to scan and analyse campaign data efficiently and accurately. By using this tool, affiliates can quickly identify areas of their campaign that need improvements and make the appropriate changes to see better results. Founder and CEO Rob Berrisford said: “We are excited to introduce Instant Assistant to the affiliate industry, an industry I have worked in since 2005.

“Affiliate Marketing has seen downward pricing pressure over the last few years, combined with inflation and the tech downturn, all account management teams are being tasked to do more with less.

“We’re confident Instant Assistant will vastly improve account management productivity and empower every brand to make the most of their data.”

The Instant Assistant waitlist is currently open for agencies, brands, and networks. The tool is designed for marketers of all skill and experience levels, its user-friendly interface makes it perfect for veteran and novice marketers alike.

In addition, is also developing a set of recommendation tools. These will allow account managers to process data requests more efficiently, giving them the chance to focus on other areas of their campaign and maximise results.

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