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5 Ways to Get Creative with your Affiliate Marketing Links

There are many ways to get affiliate marketing links out there. The important part, adding the link to the content, should never become an afterthought. With so many options available in content format, platforms, and concept ideas, it can be hard to know how to incorporate your affiliate link in a new way. Take a look at our suggestions for how to add affiliate links in a creative way:

Develop your TikTok shop

Too few people are taking advantage of the new TikTok shop feature, and additionally, the Instagram equivalent. It’s a great place to add a link to the items you’re marketing. Users get a close look at the item, perhaps with a promotional TikTok showing its use and how it looks. From there, the customer journey is practically mapped out for the affiliate managers: Shop, link, item, checkout.

Live shopping on Twitch

Staying with TikTok, the app is pioneering a new way to shop: live streaming. Taking off in East Asia, streamers essentially create haul content but in live-stream form. They show off all the items they’ve bought – or have been sent – and offer a link in their description for the chat, to buy from. The idea is similar to TV shopping channels, but not as performative.

TikTok might be the biggest participant, but there are also plenty of Twitch streamers doing the same thing, giving you options on how you set up your Streaming Shopping Channel.

Promote exclusivity in your Stories

Exclusivity is a powerful tool in marketing. Everyone wants what they can’t have – and they want what others have. That makes for a powerful combination when it comes to offers. If you are working with affiliate partners on Instagram, you can take advantage of their Stories. This Instagram feature only lasts 24 hours, so for a special event, you can post that an affiliate link is only available as long as the Story stays up.

Video content on Facebook

It might surprise you to know that Facebook is the second biggest platform in the world for video content. Statista reported in 2022 that 82% of 15–25-year-olds were using YouTube to watch videos, followed by 80% using Facebook.

That is a market that is being ignored. Consider recording or repurposing old content for Facebook to get more clicks on that affiliate link.

In your Instagram highlights

Have you ever really thought about those Instagram highlights? The little circles under your Instagram bio are mostly used to put your best foot forward, like a pinned comment or video, but there is a marketing opportunity in there, too. Simply add the link to a Reel or Story and keep it in highlights for an affiliate link with no set end date.

In conclusion…

Creativity with your affiliate links really comes down to what you are selling and how you can better target your audience, but these are some good starting points to use when you are sharing your affiliate links. The more creative you are with your affiliate link, the better it will appeal to your customers.

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