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TikTok continues with live stream shopping push

Despite the concept of live stream shopping failing to take off in Western markets, it would appear that TikTok is unperturbed, as the video-sharing giant pushes ahead with new offers and deals to incentivise retailers.

According to Insider, TikTok has issued special invitations to a select group of retailers and ecommerce merchants, urging them to be part of an imminent live stream shopping push with the promise of shipping and sales subsidies.

If reports are to be believed, a number of US brands have been invited, with TikTok encouraging them to open digital stores on the platform and to use in-app features to promote products in videos and live streams.

Influencers on TikTok will even be offered affiliate marketing opportunities, with the chance to earn commissions on products sold through promotions in their content.

Could the use of influencers and US brands be enough to reignite live stream shopping in the West?

Previous attempts have, unfortunately, proved unsuccessful. In February of this year, Instagram removed a feature that allowed creators to tag products in streams, a clear indication that they were stepping back from live-stream shopping as it failed to take off in the West.

However, the phenomenon has proved incredibly popular in Asia, so TikTok will be hopeful that this new campaign will turn the tide and see it become equally as popular here.

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