5 top tips to create an engaging website

In today’s global marketplace, producing content which effectively appeals to your target audience can come across as a minefield of technicalities. To successfully reach that demographic, you need to remember to capitalize on opportunity and captivate real, live, human readers, an optimized, functional, interactive website .. the list sometimes seems endless. 

However, producing video content doesn’t need to be that difficult. Yes, it can be tricky to produce compelling graphics, but the most important thing is engagement. We wanted to look at a few handy tools that can help you create quick, effective video marketing content.


No one wants to click on a website and it takes ages for it to load. It might be worth carrying out a few speed checks to gain an idea on how you can improve the accessibility to your content.

Optimised for mobile 

More and more people are accessing websites via their mobiles nowadays, and so by ensuring that your content is accessible from a mobile device, you’re tapping into that demographic that you’re aiming for.


Don’t underestimate just how important analytics are for your site as they are the best indicator of our site’s success with users. The final design should include functionality to gauge key indicators such as traffic, goals, and conversions.


The best way to achieve this is through ensuring that your site is optimised for both browsers and users. One key way that you can achieve this is through developing engaging content for your users. For the search engines, always include all important on-page SEO tags and elements.

Social media

This has become one of the most engaging ways to push your content as more people are shifting towards platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, it’s fundamental that you get to grips with the different sites. Allowing users to quickly access social media pages from the website instantly broadens a brand’s reach and helps increase visibility and traffic.

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