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5 Things We Learned at iGB Affiliate London 2024

Last week, Affiverse team members from across the globe gathered in the UK for iGB Affiliate London 2024. The event proved to be a pivotal gathering for industry players, shedding light on crucial insights that will shape the affiliate marketing landscape for the foreseeable future. 

The iGB Affiliate event connected affiliates with iGaming operator affiliate programs and tech vendors in a live environment. Among the myriad of discussions and presentations, five key takeaways emerged, offering invaluable guidance for affiliates navigating the dynamic iGaming terrain:

1 Tracking and Quality Reign Supreme

Affiliates are increasingly discerning when it comes to selecting programs to promote. The quality of affiliate platforms and their tracking capabilities significantly influence these decisions. With heightened scrutiny on performance metrics, affiliates prioritise programs that offer robust tracking mechanisms and ensure transparency. In an era where data integrity is paramount, platforms must prioritise enhancing tracking capabilities to maintain their competitive edge.

2 The Power of Personal Connections

Despite the digital nature of affiliate marketing, personal relationships continue to be paramount. At iGB Affiliate London 2024, it became evident that face-to-face interactions remain invaluable, particularly for affiliates evaluating new programs. The desire to meet program representatives in person underscores the enduring significance of trust and rapport in forging successful partnerships, emphasising the human element amidst digital transactions. A healthy blend of face-to-face meetings, digital summits and remote working seems to be the way of the future.

3 Navigating Google SEO Dynamics

Google’s evolving algorithms remain a focal point of discussion among affiliates, with anticipation and apprehension regarding future developments. Martin Calvert, Marketing Director at ICS-digital and its sister agency ICS-translate, advocates for a steadfast focus on quality content and brand PR initiatives to navigate SEO uncertainties. By prioritising content excellence and strategic branding efforts, affiliates can weather algorithmic changes and maintain visibility amidst evolving search landscapes, highlighting the enduring value of content quality amidst algorithmic flux.

4 First-Party Data Imperative

As concerns surrounding cookie deprecation and attribution loom large, the spotlight has shifted to first-party data strategies. Assaf Dor, Founder of Cellxpert, emphasises the importance of prioritising first-party data acquisition, assuaging fears regarding attribution limitations. Dor contends that traditional attribution models, such as Last Click and 30 Day cookies, suffice for iGaming brands, underscoring the significance of leveraging proprietary data assets to navigate shifting data landscapes and ensure robust attribution frameworks.

 5 Simplicity and Focus Propel Growth

Despite the proliferation of new brands saturating the market, success hinges on foundational principles. iGB Affiliate London 2024 showcased a plethora of emerging brands vying for attention, raising questions about competitive survival strategies. However, amidst the clamor, the importance of simplicity and focus emerged as guiding principles for success. By offering clear, actionable propositions and fostering supportive affiliate relationships, brands can distinguish themselves amidst the competitive landscape, emphasising the enduring value of simplicity and strategic clarity in driving organic growth over time.The industry shows no signs of slowing in growth as hundreds of new brands were seen on the Expo floor this year – but how will these brands compete to survive? Keeping things simple will suffice. Focus on the basics and your program will grow organically over time. 

In Conclusion…

Thank you to each and every one of you who took time to visit us on the Affiverse stand. We thoroughly enjoyed meeting you all and seeing so many familiar faces. As part of the agenda, Affiverse Founder Lee-Ann Johnstone and Affiverse Agency Director, Leanna Klyne shared their vast affiliate marking experience on stage.


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