3 Tips to create a knockout LinkedIn profile

When it comes to affiliate marketing and growing your brand, personal branding matters. For many people, however, the business or affiliate program brand identity is often the priority and so their personal branding falls to the wayside. The good news is that you don’t always need a flashy website or spots on guest panels at the big events to grow your brand – you just need a knockout LinkedIn profile.

We thought we’d give you some of our best tips, using some examples from Affiverse CEO & Founder Lee-Ann Johnstone’s LinkedIn profile!

Create the perfect headline

According to Hootsuite, LinkedIn has over 675 million monthly users and the chances of you having the same name as another user are pretty high. The last thing you want is for a potential client to search for your profile only to struggle to figure out which one is yours.

The headline on your LinkedIn profile helps you to show who you are and what you do. Just look at Lee-Ann’s headline:

Lee-Ann Johnstone

Right away, you see that Lee-Ann is the Founder of Affiverse, a program manager, a trainer and more. This makes her personal brand instantly recognisable for anyone in the iGaming industry using the search function. There won’t be any confusion over which account to connect with.

Use rich media to enhance your profile

Did you know that LinkedIn allows you to add rich media or links to your profile using the ‘featured’ section? This is something that many people don’t take advantage of but if you want to create a knockout LinkedIn profile, you need to think about what you can add.

As an affiliate manager or marketer, you might have examples of web pages that you have written or campaigns that you have designed. Presentations and videos also work well here and can give any other LinkedIn users an insight into what you can do.

Top Tip: Add a title and a description to your featured media to tell the viewer what they are seeing.

Give and receive recommendations

LinkedIn is often seen as a community of professionals and this is what differentiates it from other social channels. For this reason, they have a ‘recommendation’ feature that allows you to give and receive recommendations to your peers.

If you are hoping to build your personal brand, you’ll need to show that you come highly recommended. While you can’t force others to recommend you (and we would never advise this), you can simply ask existing or previous clients to leave a recommendation on this channel.

Recommendations go both ways, and it can look great if you show that you are engaged in recommending others. Check out some of Lee-Ann’s recommendations below:

Lee-Ann Johnstone

As you can see, Lee-Ann has also given 27 recommendations. By doing this, other users can see that the user is engaged with other industry professionals. This builds trust in the personal brand and shows that this person might be worth talking to.

Don’t be afraid to leave a recommendation and support others in the iGaming industry that you have worked with in the past.

Get to work today

Your LinkedIn profile isn’t going to build itself so you need to start thinking about how you will give it an upgrade in 2021 now. LinkedIn is a powerful tool for networking in the iGaming industry and you can easily connect with affiliates through this channel.

Use the three tips that we have given you and start building your personal brand in 2021.

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