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3 Important Lessons for Affiliate Managers

This week on the Affiliate Marketing Podcast, we have an audio event to share with you. Recently, Affiverse Agency Director, Leanna Klyne, joined Lee-Ann to discuss ‘3 important lessons for Affiliate Marketing Managers.’ The LinkedIn webinar was widely attended, with plenty of audience participation. Here, they share their biggest learnings from their time in the industry and a few of those all-important lessons learned along the way. Listen until the end to hear Lee-Ann’s predictions for what’s in store for 2024!

Listen in here for all of the insights: 

Building Your Personal Brand

Lee-Ann and Leanna begin their conversation by discussing the importance of building and nurturing relationships. These relationships between publishers and managers, and customers and publishers, are vital to the affiliate ecosystem.

Indeed, one of the most important lessons for affiliate managers is that this is a people-focused business. As Lee-Ann points out, “Affiliate marketing is a people-focused business, and it will continue to be so, despite emerging technologies like AI driving increased automation and time efficiencies in the day-to-day tasks of running a program.”

Attending industry events is another effective way of building your personal brand. These events will give you the chance to meet potential partners face-to-face and forge meaningful relationships that will benefit you in the long run.

Leanna explains, “Knowing your personal brand will help you to understand exactly where you are hitting home with those that you want to work with and then it makes it easier to connect.”

Know Your Numbers

Lee-Ann explains, “You need to know why your affiliate program is in existence and what its objectives are. Because, for some clients and some brands, having an affiliate program is about brand awareness. Having an affiliate program is about selling products that maybe need to be shifted through other digital mediums or channels. Having an affiliate program could be a way to reduce their paid media costs and SEO costs by leveraging affiliate partners to help them grow. There are so many different reasons why businesses open up affiliate programs.”

Lee-Ann summed it up perfectly: “If you as an affiliate manager don’t understand what your target KPIs and outcomes are for working with all of these publishers… how do you expect the affiliates to be able to perform for you?”

Never Discount Small Affiliates

The third lesson for affiliate managers is never to discount a smaller affiliate. This is a lesson that is particularly close to Lee-Ann’s heart – having met many big publishers at the start of their careers and now seeing some of them launch their business onto the Nasdaq and other public trading exchanges.

Never forget that successful companies always start out small. That success journey together can create some of the most memorable times in your career as an affiliate manager. Affiliates in your program don’t necessarily only promote your brand, so be cognisant of what the opportunities can be when talking to smaller partners. Everyone has to start somewhere, and you never know where a relationship could be a few years down the line.

Your Takeaway To-do List:

  • Why you MUST get seen and heard
  • Identify the opportunities where you can add value
  • Attend live events and virtual summits to build connections
  • Network in forums and communities
  • Offer your expertise to those who need it
  • Discover the importance of AI and its time-saving capabilities
  • Segmentation – look at why it’s so important and act on it

Listen to find out more about:

  • The importance of building connections.
  • Adding personality into your outreach.
  • How best to invest in your personal brand.

Key segments of this podcast and where you can tune in to go direct:

[6:00] A real life example of why your personal brand is so important.

[11:00] Collaboration for the win.

[13:00] How to leverage social media to build your brand.


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