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YouTubers given a financial boost with new monetization option on YouTube

Video sharing platform, YouTube has launched a new monetization option for creators on the site, named Super Thanks. It comes amidst a rapidly heating up competition for the monetization of creators across social media platforms. A lot of them are seen to be improving but need a lot of work.

YouTube has been hearing this for years now, especially since the fabled “adpocalypse” in 2016, which saw a lot of brands pulling out of using YouTube as a marketing option due to an abundance of content that wasn’t considered “family-friendly”.

Since then, creators have been demanding improvements on the monetization system, and it appears that YouTube has finally responded with a substantial step forward.

What is Super Thanks?

Super Thanks is essentially a donation system along the same lines as Twitch’s donations. It has in fact been in place since July of last year, mainly in China, but this new expansion is set to see it available to more users and impressive new graphics to go with the act of donating so that it feels like more of an event.

The feature expands on YouTube’s existing Super Chat and Super Stickers options while offering direct monetization options for creators and enhancing interaction in real time.

How does this affect affiliate marketing?

The expansion and natural growth of influencers are vital to affiliate marketing. A lot of affiliate marketing is done with some form of influencers, whether they’re running a blog or a YouTube channel. Monetization was a big problem that has deterred a lot of new influencers from expanding or even getting into the creator industry. With the aid that a decent monetization system can offer, affiliate marketing partners will have more people to work with and advertise to.

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